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Request : Congratulatory Hug (Goodra tf)
    NOTE : This is a REQUEST story.
    A broken and beaten down figure walked along a dirt path leading from Heldman Town to Ridgeway City, slouched with his hands in his pockets and a tear in his eye, Leroy couldn’t help but wonder if he could ever win a Pokemon battle again.
    You see, our young protagonist Leroy had just lost his eleventh battle in a row, putting another dent into his ego, and another tinge of pain for his Pokemon felt within him. Leroy didn’t like losing - not because it made him feel worse - but because it damaged his Pokemon mentally as well. If they thought they were losers, then there would be no chance of them being winners in Leroy’s eyes, a plain and simple truth to any creature - be it human or Pokemon.
    Feeling his belt as he walked, Leroy grasped his four pokeballs, silently apologizing to each one as he sniffled, a feeling of guilt ever present within him thanks
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The Coward's Demise (Joltik tf)
    “Where’s Veronica?” Jenny asked Smalls. He turned to her once she had said ‘Veronica’, giving the clueless girl a wounded expression, obviously very hurt emotionally.
    “I hope she’s lost…” Smalls said before he began to cry uncontrollably.
    “She did just date me because she lost a bet after all!” He yelled between his sobs, taking a heavy breath after each word.
    Jenny stared down at the large jock as he cried, curled up on the floor, shocked from how he could have found out such a delicate topic. There Smalls was - a star football player, varsity jacket and ripped jeans holding a large frame, bawling his eyes out on the ground. A pathetic sight, truly.
    “How… How did you find out about that?” Jenny asked with a shaky voice,  turning a bit away from Smalls as she began to feel a tinge
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Request : Moonstone Pond (Lunala tf)
    NOTE : This is a REQUEST story.
    It was a cold spring night in the woods of Marshall. The nocturnal Pokemon were out and about. Overhead, Kaleigh heard the soft calls of the Hoothoot, and on the ground next to her as she walked aimlessly through the woods, the chatter of the Sableye.
    Kaleigh was a Pokemon trainer, and a reasonably good one at that. She had obtained 6 badges, and while tomorrow was supposed to be the day she earned her 7th badge, Kaleigh got lost in the Marshall area, stuck in the dark and menacing forest, having strayed far from the trail earlier in the day when a Spinarak scared her off. The slightest movement made the young trainer jump, the rustling of leaves, or even a shadow in the moon’s ever present glow.
    The girl shivered as the crisp mountain air of the nighttime encased her. She should have made it to Marshall by now. She should have arrived at the Lamplight Inn, she should have
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Request : Boiling Point (Volcanion tf)
    NOTE : This is a REQUEST story.
    It was a Friday evening as the moon began to rise over Ridgeway City to the east, the sun beginning to set in the west. The orange sky hung over the large city, giving a beautiful view to Florian, an adult living within the confines of the city. He stared out at the glorious sunset, then sighing, turning to gaze at his small apartment living room, stretching a bit.
    He walked over to his sofa only a few feet away, allowing his body to relax as he fell onto the soft cushions, sinking down a bit into the old couch. Florian then reached for the remote as he began to painstaking process of flipping through channels, barely focussed on the screen as he began to think about something else - something more important to him than the television.
    “Florian, why are you watching TV when you could be helping me here?” Called out a familiar voice to Florian, even if it was
:iconone-true-yamask:One-True-Yamask 8 14
Request : Loyalty and Discipline (Sawk tf)
    NOTE : This is a REQUEST story.
    “Come on, kid! Get that thing up!” Yama, the local fighting type ‘gym leader’ shouted at his opponent, a child who tried to battle his Metapod against Yama’s powerful Hitmonlee. His Hitmonlee had just unleashed a powerful barrage of kicks, knocking the green crescent shaped Pokemon to the ground.
    “Come on, Metapod!” The young boy shouted, looking panicked and scared, obviously shocked from the near instant loss. However, the Pokemon was out cold. Defeated, the young trainer recalled his Pokemon, turning his head to the ground, disallowing Yama to see his eyes. Yama was smart enough to know that the kid was crying, however.
    “Awww, boo hoo. Come on, kid! That was pathetic! Absolutely sad! I haven't seen such poor battling since I watched the last Sinnoh Conference! Get some skill, get some real power, and then come back! But
:iconone-true-yamask:One-True-Yamask 4 3
Request : Pleasant Stroll (Pachirisu tf)
    NOTE : This is a REQUEST story.
    It was a peaceful day in Ridgeway City, and while the Pidove and Pidgey weaved through the towering buildings of the Ridgeway City Financial District, an older teenager named Gabriel sat in his little apartment on the sofa, tying his shoes. He had the news on in the background, but Gabriel wasn't really paying any mind to that.
    Gabriel was dressed in khaki pants, a black t-shirt above that. He also wore a baseball cap, and seeing as how it was a hot and sunny day on the Ridgeway Bay, Gabriel saw no better time to try his new cap out. Gabriel would be going to get lunch with a friend of his, Joey, who was visiting all the way out from Heldman Town, about a 45 minute drive without traffic, but still, he had to show his buddy the city, didn't he?
    The newscaster on the screen was talking about some kind of incident in Heldman talking about some woman’s ‘mysterious di
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Request : Secret Ingredient (Snorlax tf)
    NOTE : This is a REQUEST story. If you have a request of your own please send me a note.
    It was a hot sunny day, Vulan walked down the small paved road with a spring in her step and an attitude to match. It was Saturday - a day of peace for most - including Vulan, who decided to spend her day admiring what her small town had to offer.
    Vulan usually had a happy-go-lucky personality, usually joyous and laughing, but rarely angered or saddened by any means. She wore hair of yellow and purple - an interesting pick indeed to hair color, but it furthered the opinions of her being a genuinely happy girl.
    She strolled through the quaint suburban burg of Heldman Town, admiring the freshly mowed lawns and colorful houses of the residents. Heldman Town was a place of boredom and simplicity, a bland town with little to offer besides good trainer schools, “cookie cutter” houses, kind neighbor
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Dehumanized - Chapter 2
    “Erm, mom? What are you talking about? You were never a human.” Finn remarked to his mom, in blatant denial of what his mother had just told him. Mrs. Swamp laughed a sad laugh once in response. She stared at the table, with an unreadable expression of… remorse? Pain? Fear? I couldn't tell.
    “I was, Finn. I never told you because - I didn't want you to oust me. I may have been a human once, but my home is here now, with you and your father.” She remarked, glancing to her son and giving him a slight smile. Finn’s mouth opened wide as his eyes seemed to become glassy, he began shaking his head slowly as he stared at his mom. He was going to cry.
    “I kept it a secret because - well, I love you and your dad, more than anything, and I care about keeping you two safe. The mayor would banish us all if he found out I was a person. Or worse - he could… 'curse' us. It's all a mat
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Request : Acquired Taste (Combusken tf)
    NOTE : This is a REQUEST story. If you have a request of your own feel free to send me a note.
    "A vacation to a failed mining town? Sounds like a blast…” Aridia said to herself sarcastically, on a walk through the town her family was currently staying in, a boring little town called Marshall. Her and her parents were staying at the Leslie Flats Inn in the town due to its air of mystery about it - the numerous disappearances of townsfolk as well as the many landmarks which managed to put the small town on the map. Aridia walked alone, glaring down at the small, lightly paved road she walked along.
    Aridia was walking along Main Street, a road consisting of public services and pass-by tourist traps, like the Statue of Hope, a glorious bronzed monument of a blindfolded man holding a torch standing atop three malicious seeming people, two men and a woman. The Statue of Hope is where Aridia was headed, considering it would
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Request : Catch of a Lifetime (Lugia tf)
NOTE : This is a REQUEST story. If you have a request of your own please send me a note.
    Lenny parked his pickup truck within the Ridgeway Marina’s parking structure. He swiped a hand through his long hair as he grabbed his tackle box from the passenger seat of his beaten up truck.
    Lenny was a handsome man in his early twenties. He worked a nine to five job in a cubicle selling paper to companies over the phone, rarely being able to take a vacation day at his job. However, today was different. Lenny had received a raise as well as a day off (apart from his usual weekend off) to relax and spend the day as he pleased due to his hard work ethic. With that, he found himself a small fishing boat to rent for his free day using his raise money and knew of a great bay which he could fish within recreationally using his old fishing rod, the Ridgeway Bay.
    He put his car into park, opening the large, metal door of his p
:iconone-true-yamask:One-True-Yamask 9 7
Dehumanized - Chapter 1
    Everything in my life is gone. Everything I had going for me, my money, my education, my parents; just gone. As of this moment I am no longer a member of human society, I came down with a bad case of being a Mudkip not too long ago.
    Oh, sorry, I'm jumping ahead a bit, I should introduce myself. My name is Evan, and before I became a quadrupedal Pokemon with beady little eyes and a head twice the size of my body I was a student studying Pokemon medicine up at Ridgeway Academy. Unfortunately however, I had recently taken up a volunteer position at a summer camp in the town of Marshall, a small town of few residents. On the last day of my counseling at the camp, I snuck out early to get a glimpse of the lake before I went back to my studies. I went out onto the lake by canoe and found a Pokemon, an adorable little Mudkip in the water. I tried to pick it up, it bit me on the nose, and ultimately screwed me over until this blows over. But I hi
:iconone-true-yamask:One-True-Yamask 3 2
Request : A Cruel Mountaineer (Raikou tf)
    NOTE : This is a REQUEST story. If you have a request of your own please send me a note.
    “I’m sick and tired of waiting for your improvement! I want to see results from you! Stop slacking off and keep moving!” Emily screamed at her small, struggling starter Pokemon, a Magby. The Pokemon groaned, standing up shakily, coughing a little bit of fire up at its trainer’s feet. Emily stared at it, disgusted by its action.
    Recently, a teenage girl named Emily was given her first Pokemon - a Magby. Emily had one goal in her mind - to join the Mountain Patrol and become the strongest patrol person any mountain has ever seen. However - Emily’s strategy of training was barbaric at best, forcing her Magby into harsh situations, making it fight when it had no will, and forcing it to keep moving without taking a rest. She was a strict trainer, and a pretty unfair one as well.
    “Did you just
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Request : The Clockmaker's Legacy (Dialga tf)
NOTE : This is a REQUEST story. If you have a request of your own please send me a note.
    Derek shoved his golden key into the lock of the shop he was an assistant at. It was an antique clock shop, an old fashioned building with old fashioned ethics and practices. Sadly however, the shop had recently been going under, and Mr. Crowley, who owned the shop, was getting too old to keep working on such delicate machinery, as his old hands were becoming too shaky and uneasy to be working on such small and delicate machinery as an antique clock. This is also the reason Crowley hired Derek not even a week prior, Crowley needed all the time he could get to keep perfecting his craft, as he was becoming much slower within the past few weeks in his work, and needed somebody to fetch him supplies, hold the clocks steady, and of course manage inventory.
    Derek unlocked the door, walking into the small showroom. As soon as he walked in, Derek’s ears
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A Valiant Search (Sableye tf)
    (This is part 2 of my previous story, “A Day at the Mines”. Same characters - same plot continued from the last part. Needed a break from request stories. Anyways, enough of that, let’s get into the story!)
    “AAAAAAAGGRRRRROOOOOONNNNNN!” The group of three heard in the mineshaft very distantly. Smalls shuttered and dropped his beer to the ground, the glass cracking and leaking the beverage.
    “That sounded huge, bro…” Smalls stated, rubbing the left arm of his varsity jacket.
    “It sounded mad too.” Veronica remarked, staring blankly at her dim boyfriend, finally agreeing with something the big lug said for once in their strained and almost forced relationship.
    “Maybe it has to do with Aaron?” Smalls said, staring down at his spilled beer.
    Almost instantaneously, a very saddened
:iconone-true-yamask:One-True-Yamask 4 2
Request : Wishes of the Lowly (Floatzel tf)
NOTE : This is a REQUEST story. If you have a request of your own please message me
    Nick walked down the urban streets of his metropolitan hometown, Ridgeway City. Nick could feel the sun beating upon the holes of his ripped shirt and torn pants. His shoes were a couple of sizes too small, as his single father couldn’t afford to get him new ones. If you haven’t guessed already, Nick was a poor, young teenager who lived in squalor.
    Back when he was just a young boy, Nick lived in riches with his mother, father, and pet Buizel. They lived in comfort, living in a large house overlooking Ridgeway and his parents had even saved up enough money for Nick to attend Ridgeway Academy, a prestigious Pokemon Academy within their home town. However, his mother was caught in a freak accident while on a trip across the sea by boat for a business meeting. When the ship returned to port, only one passenger was unaccounted for, Nick’s dear mom
:iconone-true-yamask:One-True-Yamask 9 6
Request : Aquatown's New Performer (Vaporeon tf)
NOTE : This is a REQUEST STORY. If you have a request of your own please message me.
    “Welcome to a town! An Aquatown! Where nothing will go wrong!”
    “You’ll play and slide (Have fun, oh yes!) watching our star per-for-man-ces!”
    “While you’re here in our little A-qua-town!”

    The loudspeakers blared into the line to get onto the Annihilator, the tallest slide within the new waterpark, Aquatown. Aquatown had recently been completed by contractors, only having opened its gates a couple days prior. Caleb sighed as he put his hand out to disallow kids to go down the slide, counting to twenty to let the next kid go. He was so burnt out by the stupid song, and his job made him wonder how other people who had his job kept their sanity.
    “It’s only day two. Day two. And I want to jump off of this slide and take my chances doing a di
:iconone-true-yamask:One-True-Yamask 14 15



So. The good news is I just got hired for my first job.

The bad news is that for the weeks leading up until my summer vacation (2 weeks away) I will be posting less, possibly not even at all until then. For the summer however, work days are mostly the same amount of time a normal school day was for me, so I can still post once or twice a week then.

So, anybody who currently is waiting on a request from me, I am so sorry to you. But hey, I'm making above minimum wage at my first job!

    NOTE : This is a REQUEST story.

    A broken and beaten down figure walked along a dirt path leading from Heldman Town to Ridgeway City, slouched with his hands in his pockets and a tear in his eye, Leroy couldn’t help but wonder if he could ever win a Pokemon battle again.

    You see, our young protagonist Leroy had just lost his eleventh battle in a row, putting another dent into his ego, and another tinge of pain for his Pokemon felt within him. Leroy didn’t like losing - not because it made him feel worse - but because it damaged his Pokemon mentally as well. If they thought they were losers, then there would be no chance of them being winners in Leroy’s eyes, a plain and simple truth to any creature - be it human or Pokemon.

    Feeling his belt as he walked, Leroy grasped his four pokeballs, silently apologizing to each one as he sniffled, a feeling of guilt ever present within him thanks to his racked up losses. The acting gym leader in Heldman Town was Leroy’s breaking point.     

    “Oh geeze, come on! You’re such a pathetic waste of space! Get your damn, weak little Pokemon up! Gah, it’s SHAMEFUL to know that there are trainers like YOU, throwing your Pokemon into unwinnable battles and getting their precious egos busted! You’re a pathetic trainer and your Pokemon are ASHAMED of you! Look at him! He knows you’re weak! He knows you suck! Give up on training you human punching bag! Go participate in them contests! It’s what all the sissies who aren’t tough enough to train Pokemon are doing nowadays! Ha! Get out of my sight, loser! Come back when you actually have a chance! Oh wait, you NEVER will!”    

    “M-Maybe he’s right…” Leroy muttered to himself, reflecting on the gym leader’s words with feelings of dread. He continued to walk along the dirt path, nothing and nobody in his sight as he walked through vast fields of farmland. The acting gym leader, Yama, was a cruel person with a very inflated ego. He took pleasure in the tears and suffering of others - a true psychopath.     

    “M-Maybe I am a pathetic trainer… Maybe my Pokemon are ashamed of me… Maybe - Maybe I should just give up training…” Leroy said as he rubbed his eyes, trying to fix the burning from his teary, red eyes. He then proceeded to reflect on his brother’s words after Leroy had called him at the nearest Pokemon center, following his loss.     

    “Eleven losses in a row!? Come on Leroy! Are you kidding me!? You’re bringing shame upon our family name! Our dad was the winner of the Pokemon League years ago, and last year I won top four! Your Pokemon are all weak, but what you need is a real slugger! A big Pokemon with big aspirations, and an even bigger desire to win!”     

    His brother’s echoing words made Leroy begin to cry a little bit more. It’s true, Leroy’s father had won the region’s Pokemon contest, and his brother had gotten top four, making his row of losses all the more devastating

    Through his soft whimpers however - Leroy could hear something to his right side. Wheat shuffling, something moving in the farmland. Cocking his head to the side, Leroy’s mouth gaped open when he saw it, Leroy’s next prospect.

    Large, purple, and pudgy, Leroy knew the figure to be none other than a Goodra - a very powerful dragon type Pokemon. It hadn’t noticed him yet. To catch it, Leroy would need to sneak up on it.

    Crouching down into the wheat field where the Goodra carelessly chomped on the plantlife, Leroy began to think to himself, reflecting more on the words of both the gym leader as well as his own flesh and blood.

    “It’s SHAMEFUL to know that there are trainers like YOU… Give up on training you human punching bag… Get out of my sight, loser… You’re bringing shame upon the family name… What you need is a real slugger!”

    The same five lines played in his mind over and over again, as Leroy reached for an empty pokeball on his belt, drawing ever closer to the gooey dragon, before he cocked his arm and threw it at the beast, grunting.

    The large Pokemon looked surprised as it turned to Leroy, before it turned into a red glow, getting sucked into the regular pokeball. The ball shook a few times in what were possibly the longest ten seconds of Leroy’s life up to that point. That is - until he heard the satisfying click of his new capture following the halt of the ball’s shaking. Leroy was stunned to say the least as he began to stand up straight again, grabbing the ball and staring into the button on the center.

    “I-I caught it?” He asked, in a state of pure shock and awe, not even close to prepared for what would happen next. A brash and accented voice began to speak up from behind the stunned trainer, who, in shock, whipped around to see a peculiar individual standing before him.

    The man Leroy stood before wore black aviator sunglasses, had very long, very spiky yellow hair (Clearly using countless tubes of gel everyday), and wore a yellow jumpsuit which held a black lightning bolt above his heart. He was giving Leroy a crooked smile

    “Oi! Kid! ‘And ovah tha Goodra, noice and eazay now!” The spiky haired creep remarked, motioning with his hand for the trainer to hand over the Pokemon. Leroy raised an eyebrow.

    “Who do you think you are?” He asked, sort of confused by the man, rubbing his eyes again as the man bowed to Leroy, giving him a ‘royal’ introduction.

    “Mah name? Not too impor’ant. But me - Oi’m a membah of Team Vol’age, and Oi’m ‘ere foh ya Pokemon. Now, hand ‘em ovah! Mainly tha Goodra!” The man remarked, his crooked smile widening upon his face as he checked his nails in a pretentious manner. Team Voltage was the region’s local gang. They harassed, stole, and had unclear motives. What was clear however, was that Leroy wasn’t about to let such a rare find which he caught so easily be wasted on a lowlife criminal!

    “No! Go away!” Leroy said as he stood defensively, clutching the pokeball with both hands. The laughed three times in response, reaching for his jumpsuit’s belt to grab a pokeball which was almost totally yellow, a black lightning bolt painted onto the button.

    “Go, get ‘em Raichu!” He shouted before he pulled his arm back, throwing the ball into the wheat field as a beam of yellow energy emerged in the farmland, a Raichu forming from the glow.

    “Rai Rai!” It shouted as electricity discharged from its cheeks, scowling and squinting angrily at Leroy. Leroy’s breath stuttered as he stared down at the pokeball he grasped. Without thinking, the young trainer shut his eyes, tossing his pokeball to the ground, red energy turning into his newly captured Pokemon.

    “Goo?” It asked, turning to Leroy, who realized what he had just done, scrambling to grab his pokedex so that he could learn the moves of his Pokemon. It sighed, turning to the Raichu and gazing at it with a menacing scowl. It was taken aback a bit, but Raichu stood strong.

    “So, that’s ‘ow you wan’ it? Well, a’right then! Raichu! Thundabolt!” The Team Voltage Grunt commanded as his Pokemon obeyed, conjuring up electric energy to a confident Goodra, its trainer fearfully and frantically searching to the pokedex, grabbing it in his pocket and shouting.

    “Dodge it! Dodge it!” Leroy yelled with a very unconfident tone. Luckily however, his Pokemon was quick to obey, as it dashed out of the electricity quickly, which burned some of the wheat crop. Raichu’s cheeks discharged a bit of electricity in anger, as its trainer laughed.

    “You think that’ll stop me? Nah, Raichu! Brick Bre'k!” The grunt shouted as his Raichu’s paw began to gain some kind of power to it, charging towards Leroy’s Goodra as he began scanning for moves.

    “Uhm… Uh… G-Goodra! Use dragon breath!” Leroy commanded with a lack of confidence, staring into the bright screen of the pokedex. That’s when his Goodra brought its head back with a large inhale, then exhaling a massive amount of power against the grunt’s Raichu, which was clear countered by the attack, falling backwards onto the ground and crashing into the wheat with a hard thud. A one hit K.O. for Leroy and his Goodra.

     “What? But - But? BUT HOW!?” The grunt shouted as he recalled his Raichu, looking around a bit as be booked it, aviator glasses falling off as he ran through the fields, him and his yellow jumpsuit soon disappearing from the sight of Leroy and his Goodra, which confidently smiled, turning to the stunned trainer.

    “We… We won?” Leroy asked to himself, in a state of pure confusion. 

    “We… We won!” Leroy shouted, putting his arms up in success as he began to shed tears of joy, realizing what he had just done. Nothing could make Leroy happier! He had his new Pokemon, and it was certainly a fighter. He had just broken his losing streak! And with one hit no less! However, Leroy’s personal celebration was soon halted as he felt a wet, sticky clinging to his large frame, covering his face with the sticky substance too, some of it even getting into his mouth as he dropped his pokedex to the dirt ground in shock.

    Leroy’s Goodra was giving the surprised trainer a slimy hug, covering him in the goop, and as it pulled away, leaving his entire front wet and sopping with slime. Leroy tried to rub the goo off of himself, as his new Goodra put its hands over its mouth, appearing apologetic towards the trainer, its eyes giving Leroy a sort of shocked and unknowing expression. It gave him a sort of “I’m so sorry!” look. No matter how hard he tried however, Leroy couldn’t get the slime off of him. It was stuck onto his clothes, and stuck onto his face as well! It was even stuck in his mouth, the bitter taste of slime not leaving his mouth as he tried to spit it out. In fact, it seemed to be that whenever Leroy tried to remove the slime he would simply spread it.

    Leroy’s Goodra looked at him with a gaze of apology, slowly turning into a look of confusion as it looked down on its new trainer, confusion turning into shock before its (and Leroy’s) very eyes.

    The goo seemed to stick to Leroy’s skin, merging in with his own, beginning with his face, as the goo began to spread around his head, his skin becoming a light purple upon his head as the goo moved around his head, making Leroy, as well as his Goodra, very uncomfortable. Below his mouth, the goo seemed to be a darker purple, as green splotches began to grow along the border of light and dark purple slime. His Goodra stood in a stunned silence, while Leroy was panicking, breathing heavily as he felt his face with his hands, being soft and pudgy, gooey and slimy, the goo even sticking to his hands, which he had no hope of wiping off.

    Through his new, slime covered face, Leroy felt as a short snout began to push out of his face, his nose drawing back as his mouth moved forward, as his hair began to fall out. His ears moved to the top of his head, and as they moved back they became very long, almost hairlike, but still made of the same light purple goop his head was made out of, becoming long antennae. Another set of antennae sprouted up just in front of the long, thick ones, these ones shorter, smaller, thinner, and still hade of the same goo the back antennae were composed off. Leroy’s eyes then began to grow a bit, his pupils taking on a distinctive light green color as the buildup of goo on his chin became overwhelming, as it began to group up and drip off of his face to the crops below, leaving a consistent pattern on when the goop would drip.

    Leroy wanted to scream - but he couldn’t. His mouth was full of the slime now, limiting his ability to talk greatly for the time being, almost as if it were changing his mouth and throat, which it was indeed doing to him. That's when Leroy saw his hands, coated in light purple slime, beginning to change as well, his height also changing to make him grow slowly with time.

    Leroy’s new face then began to gaze down to his hands, which seemed to be shrinking down in length a lot as he watched the slime corrupting him there as well. The new, slimy skin took hold of his arms, moving quickly to his hands, which began to shrink down so that his now two fingers seemed attached to the rest of his arm with no hand in between. It also felt as if the bones in his arms were becoming more malleable to the trainer. The slime buildup became too much on his arms which stuck out as well, dripping toward the center of the arm in an almost rhythmic pattern.

    Leroy then began to feel a slight pain coming from his upper torso, his chest, as he began to feel it compressing down much more, slime beginning to cover it as his shirt became looser upon his body, but began to stick to his skin. The bones in his chest were changing, organs shifting location, as it became much thinner, almost seeming to lengthen his neck. As the slime took over and Leroy took off his shirt to get a look at what was going on, he witnessed a dark purple stripe running down from his chin and mouth, while the rest of his upper torso was lighter purple, the same color as his antennae and arms.

    Leroy felt as his lower body and waistline began to change from the corruption of the goo, making that region thicker compared to his thinner chest region, ripping his pants in the process to reveal the dark and light purple slime which replaced his skin, giving of a bowling pin like shape to his slimy body, his dark purple belly growing a bit larger, as his height slowly became taller as well.

    As if that weren’t bad enough, Leroy watched in horror as his legs began to swell up, ripping what little he had of his pants into nothing. He watched as his thighs became soaked in the coating of light purple slime, becoming thicker and thicker with time. His legs also became much shorter, however his upper body seemed to grow more. The thick thighs then rolled further onto his lower body. As the slime reached his feet, Leroy watched as the light purple goo corrupted his feet, only giving him two toes in the process. Leroy then realized he was looking a lot like his newly captured Goodra, who had realized the same thing quite a long time back.

    That’s when Leroy felt a pushing in his rear. His tailbone began to extend out, as a thick, slimy tail began to grow out from his rear. The bottom of it was the same dark purple as his mouth and belly, while the rest remained light purple. The thick tail had a bit of a twist to it at the end as well, swirling. Three green dots then began to appear on both sides of his tail, on the border of his dark and light slime, much like on his head.

    Leroy’s height was now a solid six and a half feet, about the size as his gooey friend. He had realized that, as odd feelings subsided, that he had completed his transformation. His pokeballs were scattered upon the ground - fabric ripped up everywhere he looked His Goodra stared at a confused Leroy very apologetically, but didn’t say a word. Then again - he didn’t either.

    As he craned his long neck down, Leroy scanned his purple, slimy body, then scanning his newest addition’s body. They looked very, very similar, as an awkward patter of slime was heard above all else, making Leroy uncomfortable.

    “Goo - Dra! Goodra!” His new Pokemon said to him, but one thing was off… He could understand it perfectly.

    “I am… So… So sorry! I didn’t mean for this to happen!” It had said with a feminine voice, leading Leroy to the conclusion that she was a female.

    “Goo?” He had asked. When he realized what he had said, he shed a tear - no longer being able to speak the English language.

    “What did you do?” He had meant to ask, but instead was translated into Pokespeak. But at least he was able to talk again!

    “Look… I… I don’t know but… But… I must say… You don’t look half bad…” She remarked, almost entranced by Leroy’s new appearance. He ignored her statement.

    “You… You ruined me! Everything in my life! Everything I had going for me! It’s all gone!” Leroy shouted in his new tongue as he began to cry, obviously upset with his Pokemon.

    “How am I gonna explain this to my Pokemon? Huh? Are they just gonna accept this? No! They wo-” He remarked - up until he was cut off by his counterpart.

    “Stop complaining… This is an improvement for you. You were a sucky trainer when you battled with me. Clearly, you’re more cut out to be taking commands than giving them anyway. Plus… You look better this way, cuter…” She told him, inching a bit closer to him, smitten for Leroy. Once more, he ignored any attractiveness she saw in him as he reflected on what he had been told just that day.

    “It’s SHAMEFUL to know that there are trainers like YOU… Give up on training you human punching bag… Get out of my sight, loser… You’re bringing shame upon the family name…”

    “Geeze… She’s right…” He thought to himself.

    “Maybe… Maybe this is for the better… Besides… If she likes me, I guess I can see something in her…” Leroy continued, as he looked up to the female Goodra, giving her an awkward grin.

    “Want to uh… Teach me the ropes?” Leroy asked her with the awkward slime. She closed her eyes and nodded.

    Leroy picked up his four pokeballs, holding them close to his body, coating them in slime as the two began to walk away into the fields of wheat, his new friend leading Leroy to the nearby forest and to her home, ready to teach Leroy anything she knew about being a Goodra.


    “Mistah bossman! Oi’m so sahrreh!” Said a familiar Team Voltage grunt as he talked on a payphone in a nearby town from the rolling fields.

    “ ‘Sahrreh’ doesn’t catch us Pokemon, you twit!” The voice of a well educated man coming back on the other end of the phone, yelling at the grunt.

    “Just shut the hell up and catch the team more Pokemon! Don’t apologize, just get Pokemon! Do you understand me, twit?” The voice said as the grunt began to sweat a bit, his mountain of spiked hair seeming to droop just a bit.

    “Uh y - yeah!”


    "Yeah suh! Fo' Team Vol'age!"

    “Where’s Veronica?” Jenny asked Smalls. He turned to her once she had said ‘Veronica’, giving the clueless girl a wounded expression, obviously very hurt emotionally.

    “I hope she’s lost…” Smalls said before he began to cry uncontrollably.

    “She did just date me because she lost a bet after all!” He yelled between his sobs, taking a heavy breath after each word.

    Jenny stared down at the large jock as he cried, curled up on the floor, shocked from how he could have found out such a delicate topic. There Smalls was - a star football player, varsity jacket and ripped jeans holding a large frame, bawling his eyes out on the ground. A pathetic sight, truly.

    “How… How did you find out about that?” Jenny asked with a shaky voice,  turning a bit away from Smalls as she began to feel a tinge of regret for what she and Veronica had done. Smalls didn’t respond, he had closed his eyes, sobbing with his hands over his face, dirt getting all over his nice clothes as he lie on the ground.

    “That isn’t even the whole story, Smal - I mean Dennis.” Jenny remarked, taking a step closer to the boy who’s crying seemed to begin letting up a bit.

    “Wh - What do you mean?” He asked, sniffling, as he turned his head slightly towards his present company, who approached closer, kneeling down next to the sobbing boy. Jenny sighed, staring down at the dirt floor of the cave.

    “Sure… we made that bet. But - but… l didn’t want to win it…” Jenny replied, turning her gaze to Smalls, who had stopped crying. He now stared at Jenny in a state of confusion, gazing at her with a mixture of malice and questioning to his eyes. However, that's when Jenny continued her with her story.

    “I - Well, Veronica just bashed you while she seemed to be falling for Aaron, hard. I didn’t want to admit that I found you attractive to Veronica, she’s kind of ruthless when it comes to this stuff, so I proposed a bet - whoever could drink the most beers before passing out won Aaron. I had never drank, and Veronica was a heavyweight with her drinks, so I felt it would be a piece of cake…” She said, before trailing off a bit. Smalls began to sit up a bit, wiping his nose on his sleeve as his look of malice turned into one of purely questions, questions which Jenny would need to leave unanswered for the benefit of Smalls.

    “We had everything set up that night at Veronica’s. Drinks in plastic cups, we began downing them, a large group of our friends cheering us on. I took one, Veronica took one - it was easy enough. I took another - so did she. I didn’t feel tipsy at all… But I saw that Veronica was losing it. One, after another, after another - nothing. Nothing but the taste of piss in my mouth from that awful, cheap beer. That’s when I noticed Veronica fall over in her chair, passed out. She had lost, and I had gotten Aaron…” Jenny continued, Smalls sitting up completely as he wiped the last tears from his red eyes, looking at her with a hard to read expression. Was he upset? Tired? Confused? It was hard to tell, especially for the storyteller, who then continued her tale.

    “A few days later, and one date with Aaron later, I overheard a couple of the girls from Veronica’s party talking about how my win was a fluke - that somebody had put non-alcoholic beer into my cups, using the real thing for Veronica. Sure enough, I went to Veronica to tell her, but she refused to believe me, saying that I was just trying to make her feel better about her loss. But - But I didn’t feel a thing that night! I drove home without any problems, I kept my composure, there’s no way somebody didn’t tamper with those drinks! I don’t know who would have wanted me to win that badly, but somebody did! Somebody…” Jenny continued, staring down to the floor. She knew that Veronica wouldn’t have accepted her if she had gone for Dennis, AKA Smalls, instead of Aaron, proposing a bet to cover up. However, somebody would spike their drinks, but who?

    Smalls laughed once, gazing to Jenny’s kneeling frame as he began to smile at her. He glanced to the floor, then back to Jenny, as he moved in to give her a hug. Jenny embraced the hug right back, wrapping her arms around the big lug and grinning.

    “Oh Jenny… I’ve always loved you more than Veronica. You’re always so nice, while Veronica is cruel and mean to me because I’m not very smart…” Smalls stated, as he closed his eyes in the embrace. That’s when the two backed their faced from eachother a bit, staring into one-another’s eyes.

    That’s when they closed them once more, as they began to press their lips together, still in the firm embrace of the hug. They continued kissing for a few more seconds, until they both gently moved out of the loving embrace of the kiss, Jenny winking at Smalls, who possessed a smile which widened. However, their moment of love would be interrupted soon after.

    “AAAAAAGGGGGRRRRROOOOOONNNNNNN!” The two new lovers heard echo throughout the cave, down the way that Veronica had stormed off only about an hour prior. Jenny looked into that cold, dark portion of the cave, shuddering as she let go of her new boyfriend, who gazed toward the loud sound in pure fear, freezing up.

    “It’s close…” Smalls squeaked as his hands became clammy, his body starting to shiver as his forehead began to become beaded with sweat. Jenny looked behind her, where Smalls stood, his legs shaking. She scanned him, seeing the fear in his eyes, and losing some of the respect she had for him. However, they began to hear loud, lumbering footsteps down the path soon after… getting closer to both of the Ridgeway Academy students.

    “Dennis… What are we gonna do?” Jenny asked quietly, staring down to the loudening footsteps as the cave even began  to shake a bit, tearing up a bit of loose silt from the ceiling, some falling onto the minecart with the bloodstain within.

    Smalls had a split second decision as he began to see the figure approaching in the darkness - tall and lumbering, nothing he wanted to deal with, and something he knew he couldn’t deal with.

    Conflicted, Smalls broke down into tears, while Jenny saw that the creature in the darkness continued to draw towards them. Her breathing became panicked, until she began to hear footsteps from both sides of her.

    Mouth gaped open, Jenny watched as her new boyfriend was sprinting the other way still crying, hysterically beginning to scream like a child as Jenny was faced with a difficult decision.

    “DENNIS YOU BLOODY COWARD!” Was all Smalls heard as he shut his eyes, still in tears, breathing heavily as he booked it away from where his girlfriend stood, too entranced by fear to go back for his girlfriend. That is, until he heard another sound. Jenny’s scream, followed by the creature’s loud shout once more.

    Smalls kept running, running, past the place where the wild Aron had eaten away at the guard rail, past the route where he would be able to leave the cave. He ran down an unexplored path, one without a track. It was almost a cylindrical hole, dug in by some kind of odd drill. Nobody had seen it before, considering they were too entranced by the railing to care.

    Once he believed he had reached a safe distance, Smalls began to slow down, his sprint turning into a jog, and soon after that, into a walk. As he made his way through the dark round corridor made of dirt, Smalls reflected on what he had just done.

    “I left her there… She - I left her there… To rot… To be taken by that… Thing…” He began, seeming genuinely worried and upset by his decision, as he stared back into the direction he came through, then quickly turning back around to look toward the unexplored tunnel.

    “There was nothing I could do! Jenny was screwed from the very beginning! If she wanted me to help, maybe she should have ran with me!” Smalls said back to himself, standing confidently that he had done the right thing. He was conflicted - on one hand, he had abandoned the only girl to ever truly love him, on the other hand, Smalls had saved himself.

    Going through the small tunnel, following its twists and turns, Smalls ran the scenario back in his head. Time and time again, he would get caught by the monster - whatever it was - which roamed the cave.

    Eventually, Smalls saw a light blue glow coming from the distance in the tunnel. He quickened his pace, not knowing where he was, or why he wanted to continue that way so badly. Perhaps it was due in part to not wanting to see Jenny after what he had just done? Or perhaps, not have a glance of a dead body, which Smalls believed could have actually happened. Logical thinking, mind you.

    Soon enough, Smalls reached a small clearing - the very same where the light blue came from. He gasped at what he saw, and heard.

    Sparks flew with sputtering hisses of electricity. This room was some kind of makeshift generator room for the whole of the mines. Many small generators hummed their tune, kicking up smoke and sparks as they ran. This was… odd, to say the least. Never in his life would Smalls have guessed that these mines were powered by a strange, hollowed out generator room. Wires dangled loosely from the ceiling, however Smalls didn’t take notice. He’s not the most perceptive guy, anyway.

    He set a foot into the room, the blue lights seemed to grow upon his skin as he cautiously stepped through the major safety hazard. Why did Smalls keep going, though? He wanted to see what may lie on the other side, he did see a metallic door on the other side of the room after all.

    Making his way with no problems to the other side of the room, Smalls readied his hand, prepared to grab the metal knob with his sweaty palms. However, Smalls wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    With his clammy, sweaty hands, Smalls grabbed the handle, which was influenced largely by the electricity all around it. Both combinations factored into what happened next - Smalls felt a large, painful electric shock rush through his body as his body began to convulse, the generators shutting on and off as this happened. His hair began to stand on end as his hand seized up, keeping him firmly planted on the door. That is - until the light of the generators shut off, their hums being replaced by sounds of emptiness, and pure nothing.

    As the painful shock ended, Smalls twitched, and fell onto the dirt floor of the room, his shocked body twitching every now and again on the floor, still surging with electricity. When the convulsions stopped, Smalls took a large inhale, coughing painfully while his teeth chattered away. He sat up a bit, shaky and on edge.

    “What… Just… What?” He asked, dazed from the shock, largely confused by what had just happened. His skin wasn’t burned at all to what he could see - luckily for him. The generator lights then turned back on, while they began to hum away once more, leaving Smalls to stand up wobbly, feeling as if he were off balance from more than just the shock. He then vomited onto the floor, gasping for air afterwards, falling onto his hands and knees to the floor. That’s when everything began - when the life of Dennis, AKA Smalls, began to change - forever.

    His hair began to turn a shade of deep yellow from its previously slick black hair, as several patches of yellow fur began to splotch up all over his body, growing thicker and thicker as time went on. He didn’t notice when his hair moved from standing on end, to a sort of slicked spiky fashion in its new blond state - he also didn’t take notice of the fur growing all over him. What Smalls did notice however, was that his clothes were beginning to grow looser and looser on his shrinking frame.

    He then began to feel a splitting headache coming on, right above his eyes, as a new pair of eyes began to sprout up amongst the growing yellow fur, simple eyes of darkish blue proportions, the whites of his human eyes changing the same shade of blue, pupils becoming all black as the fur continued to grow and his body kept shrinking. He blinked the two pairs of eyes all at the same time, quickly getting the hang of the new members. The fur grew on his face quickly, Smalls grunting as it began to stick out prominently upon his face, being a very long length compared to his skin now, as his hair began to morph into another patch of yellow fur, matching the rest of his head now. His mouth changing into an insect like one, showing with the fur in a “W” shape, his nose shrinking down into the fur, seemingly leaving him noseless. His ears also shrank down into the fur, still leaving him with the ability to hear.

    Smalls felt at his face, feeling the coat of yellow fur as his eyes widened, with his hand moving up to his upper eyes, feeling the extra set. He wanted to scream, but it wouldn’t do anything to help his current condition, especially now that he was only about half the height he was when the transformation had first began.

    As he stayed on his hands and knees, Smalls felt a tinge of pain coming from his hands, as his fingers began to move into one conical form, turning shade of blue and hardening, the yellow fur moving up his arms, which began to shrink down further as well.

    His feet also grew the same blue conical form, leaving him to be standing on the tips of his four cones for feet - becoming bipedal as the fur grew up his legs as well, shrinking them proportionally to his body as well.

    Smalls was… Well… Very small now, only being about one foot tall now, his entire body trapped within his shirt, making it much harder for him to breath, and leaving him naked - but covered in the thick layer of yellow fur.

    The fur began to make itself very prominent upon his torso now as it became more ‘bug-like’, his organs and bones shifting around under his fur covered skin, making him want to vomit, but growing his back upward more, rounding out, but flattening his belly more, making it easier for his tiny frame to stand on all fours.

    His neck shrank down to his body more, as the five inch tall Smalls began to feel his heart rate increase - largely - as he began to feel the power of electricity running through his veins as he began to struggle through the shirt, grunting soft little squeaks, soon, but with much effort, making his way out of the fabric prison.

    “Jol… Jol… Jol…” He huffed unknowingly, winded from his escapade in his shirt. Everything seemed huge now - like impossibly huge, as Smalls began to make his four inch frame wobble along through the dirt, staring at his clothes as if they were hills! They almost were to his tiny body.

    “Jol-tik... Jol?” He asked himself through his insectoid mouth, realizing that he wasn’t speaking the language he had grown up with. No - Smalls was a Joltik now - very fitting for his nickname.

    “Why am I so tiny?” He had intended on asking. Though his furry, blushing face said otherwise.

    There was one good thing about this however in the eyes of Dennis, as he realized that the electricity coming from the generators could make for a nice resting place, and with instinct taking over his tiny frame, the new Joltik began to make his way over to the generators quickly on his four legs, wanting to siphon the power out of every one of the generators. Nothing would be enough to claim this little Joltik’s thirst - in his eyes at least.


    “DENNIS YOU BLOODY COWARD!” Jenny stated as she began to sprint the same way Smalls had ran off to as she began to cry.

    She then heard the beast call out again while she began to scream, running over to where the hole in the guard rail was. The beast was gaining on Jenny, quickly. The shaking was becoming faster, and more violent, rumbling the floor, walls, and roof.

    Jenny had to make a quick call. Would she risk running up a slope to the exit with the beast so close? Would she risk going down a circular hole that lead to who knows where? Or would she go down the slope that led to who knows where? Well, she made her choice once she saw the large frame of the beast, screaming again.

    The hole in the guardrail introduced a slope into darkness - and it’s exactly the route which Jenny decided to take, her clothes getting all dirty as she sat down, pushing herself down the slope as if she were on a slide. A slide into who knows where...
The Coward's Demise (Joltik tf)
Bam! My first non-request tf story in like a month! Needed a break, so I decided to continue the Marshall Caves sequence. I just love Joltik so much, it's so tiny and so adorable 0w0!

Up next is another request - but this was a refreshing break from my usual requests! Especially because IT'S A JOLTIK TF!!!

This is part 3 to something I've been making, if you haven't seen the other already, you should check them out to know what's going on!
PART 4 - Coming Eventually!

    NOTE : This is a REQUEST story.

    It was a cold spring night in the woods of Marshall. The nocturnal Pokemon were out and about. Overhead, Kaleigh heard the soft calls of the Hoothoot, and on the ground next to her as she walked aimlessly through the woods, the chatter of the Sableye.

    Kaleigh was a Pokemon trainer, and a reasonably good one at that. She had obtained 6 badges, and while tomorrow was supposed to be the day she earned her 7th badge, Kaleigh got lost in the Marshall area, stuck in the dark and menacing forest, having strayed far from the trail earlier in the day when a Spinarak scared her off. The slightest movement made the young trainer jump, the rustling of leaves, or even a shadow in the moon’s ever present glow.

    The girl shivered as the crisp mountain air of the nighttime encased her. She should have made it to Marshall by now. She should have arrived at the Lamplight Inn, she should have been in a warm bed right now, prepared to take the bus to Ridgeway City in the morning. Instead, she stepped over roots, hustled through the dark woods, hoping no Pokemon would be getting in her way anytime soon.

    “Great, just great!” She yelled into the forest, her echoing voice sending rustles from the trees, no doubt brought on by the Pokemon above. Kaleigh slapped her Pokenav with her right hand, as she held it with her left. The darn thing wouldn’t turn on again.

    “This thing hasn’t been working all day! I get no reception on my phone, and there’s no sign of that damn trail in sight!” She yelled, throwing the Pokenav to the ground in and angry fit as she continued to walk, barely thinking about it. The Pokenav fell to the forest floor, the screen cracking as the piece of equipment actually began to turn on then as the cracked screen sputtered a bit of electricity. This was something poor Kaleigh wouldn’t take notice of, however, as the Pokenav wasn’t on her mind as much as a comfy bed was right now.

    She continued to walk through the dark woods in an aimless fit, wishing she had just stayed on the path, wishing she hadn’t been so afraid of that Spinarak. It was just a Spinarak, after all! It’s not like it was a Ariados, or Galvantula!

    “Stupid Kaleigh, back at it again with running into the desolate woods and getting yourself lost…” She said to herself, snacking herself on the head with her left hand.

    “I don’t have a tent… I don’t have a flying type to scout out the area… And I don’t have a -” However, that’s when something in the near distance caught Kaleigh’s eye. It was a light! She could see light!

    “...Map.” She remarked as she began to approach the distant white glow with caution, no idea of what it could have been. However, Kaleigh wasn’t an as dumb as she seemed. She wouldn’t fall for such a trick undefended, if it turned out to be a bait.

    “Come on out, Aron, I need your help.” She whispered as a beam of light began to appear from a Pokeball she had held. Out it came, a small, white and gray, armored, blue eyed Pokemon with a football-shaped head. An Aron, her Aron.

    “Arrrr… Aron!” It barked as it jumped once in excitement.

    “No… No Aron, we’re not battling… Just. Walk with me…” The trainer whispered as she got down onto one knee, talking to her Aron on its level, pointing to the light. The Aron glared to the light, staring at Kaleigh blankly, then nodding as it closed its eyes.

    Kaleigh began to walk once more, her Aron following close behind her, as the two cautiously moved toward the white light. The light became brighter and brighter, almost blindingly so. That is - until Kaleigh and Aron reached the treeline.

    “N - No way…” She stammered, as she noticed a clearing. The clearing was bright - too bright to be natural. That’s when she noticed that the brightness was coming from a crescent shaped pond as her eyes adjusted to the light. It was perfectly formed as well... No - this was a supernatural phenomenon. It had to be, right? Or, was it just one of the many secrets Marshall held in its woods.

    The pond let off a cloud of steam, which further amplified the light, however, Kaleigh knew that the only way to see what the pond truly possessed to make it glow - would be to approach the pond. She did to cautiously, her little Aron following close behind, almost grasping onto her leg in fear. It was afraid… That much was more than clear to Kaleigh.

    Kaleigh slowly walked up to the ridge of the water. It looked almost black to her human eyes, except for one crucial detail - a white glow coming from within the shallow depths of the crescent pond. She scanned the water, trying to find what was causing the light - but that's when her eyes adjusted, and she could better see the light’s source.

    “Well would you look at that?” Kaleigh asked to herself in sort of a stunned and shocked state. In the center the small, crescent pond was something of magnificent value, at least that's what Kaleigh believed, as her eyes fixated on what appeared to be a purple and gold rock in its own crescent shape. Somehow it gave off white light though - very peculiar.

    Not thinking, Kaleigh began to step into the water, shoes and all, as she waded into the water to where the rock lie, still giving off a bright light in the misty haze above the pond. Her Aron began to growl and bark at her, but she didn't care. She had to have that rock. If she did make it out of these damn woods alive - she could pawn it off for a lot of money, or sell it to the Ridgeway Academy of Science. No matter what - her heart was set on selling the rare gem.

    She walked through the white glow of the black water, basking in the warmth of the glow as the water reached her ankles. She then got to the odd stone, bent down, and picked it up. The glow followed with the stone - with the water now totally black, as Kaleigh’s ignored Aron continued to bark at her in a fearful manner. It felt warm in her hands as she covered it, covering the light with it. The stone was very smooth in its crescent shape Kaleigh realized, as if it had been there for years and years undisturbed.

    As Kaleigh began to walk to the shore of the pond back to her Aron, it began growling at her, barking at her violently, as if something very, very wrong was going on with the stone. Kaleigh just laughed.

    “Oh Aron, shut up.” She said mockingly as the iron water continued to jump up and down and at her.

    “Arrrrrr, Ar - Ar - Aron!” It barked while it began to inch away from Kaleigh as she waded up onto the shore of the pond. She sighed, pulling out a pokeball with her free hand as she recalled the little Pokemon, not saying a word. The stone seemed to dimmen then, growing darker and darker as Kaleigh decided to rest by the pond for the night, its black waters shining under the great moon.

    Kaleigh didn’t seem to notice the stone becoming more dim, what she did notice however was how the moon seemed to become entrenched by a thick, swelling of clouds, bunching up over her view of the pond, making the only light left the dim rock Kaleigh held. She looked down at the rock and began to examine it as she sat on the edge of the pond, damp legs slowly drying. The stone was very interesting to the girl - but it was something she could profit off of, maybe buy a new Pokenav with some profits? Put the rest off to buying some boosters for her Pokemon? Well, Kaleigh wouldn’t be able to decide that after what began to happen next.

    As the stone continued to dimmen, Kaleigh viewed a tinge of gold hidden upon the stone. As it continued to go darker and darker, the golden portion she was viewing continued to shine bright, above all else - that is - until she could read a message scrawled on with the gold reflecting agent. Her eyes then began to gaze over the scribbling.

    “I am the moon, I do not hide, I am lord of the dark sky. I am the light that guides the weary, I view the darkened planet with my ruby eye. I am - the Moone”

    Kaleigh found the message strange. Was this some sort of riddle? Was this some kind of message from an eccentric traveller? She didn’t know - until she began to read aloud.

    “I am the moon, I do not hide. I am lord of the dark sky. I am the light that guides the weary, I view the darkened planet with my ruby eye… I am - the Moone?” She murmured under her breath, as her head seemed to grow a small, sharp pain to it. Kaleigh then felt as her headache grew more, and more. Quickly, the pain began to influence her more and more greatly, as Kaleigh began to have thoughts of - the moon?

    She began to stand shakily, grasping her head and dropping the rock, clenching it with her hands, trying to make the headache go away, that is - until it suddenly did.

    The thoughts were gone - the headache was gone, however - Kaleigh felt as though her vision seemed a tad brighter - and a tad more red as well. She rubbed them, nothing happened, so she chose to bend over and peer into the dark waters, gasping in horror and falling back at what she saw. She saw a beast, with glowing red eyes, and a crescent shaped head of gold, silver, white, and purplish-cosmic coloration with a short snout. Feeling her head, she felt that it was human.

    “I’m just not thinking straight… I - I need to sleep! That’s it!” Kaleigh said to herself in relief, sighing and laughing a bit. The only thing about sleep was that… Well, Kaleigh didn’t feel a need to sleep. In fact - she felt wide awake.

    That however, is when Kaleigh began to feel something pushing against the skin of her face. It was her skull - she groaned as the headache came back, forcing its way out of her face and creating a short snout, replacing her nose in the process, and moving her mouth to the bottom of the snout. Shakily, the girl began to move her hands to her face again, now clammy with sweat as she felt the almost… bone textured and white tip of the snout, moving her hand upward more to feel a… hard to describe ‘cosmic’ feel to it, something otherworldly, something unnatural. Her eyes readjusted place, also changing shape to become more menacing and red, becoming longer and more rectangular, as her pupil outlines became white - the pupils themself changing the same shade of bright, gleaming, neon red as the rest of her eyes as they moved upon the ‘cosmic’ landscape of her skull. Kaleigh’s mouth then began to lose its lips, growing two, white, fang like protrusions instead.

    That’s when Kaleigh’s hat fell off, her long hair seeming to bend upward into a crescent shape as it hardened, moving from a blonde coloration to a primarily white, but also purple appearance, the hair felt connected to her new face and head at this point, especially when a golden plating became noticeable around her head, stiffening as it grew on the outer parts of her new hair and snout, making her head more stiff, and harder to move. The plating also seemed to move down her neck, she screamed in horror as Kaleigh felt herself growing taller, and as her neck began to become very thin, seemingly being tightened up by the golden ring from her head, lengthening her neck as it became more and more skinny. The gold then began to move down her chest, in between her breasts, which were shrinking down much more with time, soon shrinking down to nothing.

    Kaleigh then began to feel as her torso began to be more and more compressed - as if her organs were shifting - disappearing even - as her body torso turned more white, more bony, as if she were some kind of skeleton from the waist up as she continued to grow. She felt at her torso, which now showed prominently through her shirt. It was thin - thin to the point where she was just bone! A few long bones on each side of the center dividing gold piece, which was itself sitting upon a white, bony piece of Kaleigh’s transforming body. She wanted to cry, but couldn’t.

    As she continued to grow bigger and bigger, Kaleigh watched as her arms lengthened, becoming longer, thinner, and bonier, as her shoulderblades tore through her shirt, leaving two spike-like, white, bony  protrusions sticking up on the girl’s shoulders. Her arms continued to lengthen, into freakish proportions, becoming white and bone textured as her fingers morphed into two, long, sharp claws on each hand, with one center claw seemingly going above and beyond the other two, moving upward more and more, so that from the tip of one hyperextended finger to the other on the other arm resembled a crescent shape.

    Kaleigh then began to float off of the ground a bit as her legs began to shrink down, soon disappearing into thin air, the same with her waist, leaving the poor girl to look like some kind of monster skeleton - no skin upon her bones, however the young Kaleigh was still very much alive.

    That’s when she witnessed the same golden tint from her face and neck growing on the tips of the longest finger of each hand, becoming more thick as they moved downward, surrounding her skeleton-like body with a golden outside, and as those grew, so did a cosmic ‘sheet’ in between her arms and the golden pieces of her body, almost as if it were used to let her glide through the sky. The ‘sheet’ held the same texture as her face seemingly - it wasn’t bone, it was just… spacey.

    As the sheet moved around more and more under her arms, Kaleigh witnessed as her ginormous frame grew more golden parts among the sheet at the bottom, looking almost like stars in the night sky. There were also the bone-seeming pieces in the gliding wing-like sheet, white and bone-textured, but they were just slits. Kaleigh then felt as the bottom of her body began to expand downward as a golden frame grew at the bottom of the cape-sheet too, her body still floating.

    Kaleigh was now about 13 feet tall, the tall trees surrounding her still not giving way to her huge frame. Her clothes had long torn, as her Pokeballs potions, and phone lay scattered all over the grassy field opening, next to the black pond, the stone now shining greatly, greater than she had seen it in the water.

    “I am… The Moone…” Kaleigh thought to herself as she realized what she had become while her Pokedex began to play the entry for Lunala, the Moone Pokemon (Which she essentially ignored through the fear), while the clouds began to move from overhead, revealing the full moon to the new legendary Pokemon, who still thought of the great item in the sky. The crescent shaped beast then struggled to pick up her pokeballs with her bony frame. She tossed them out one by one, giving each Pokemon a heartfelt goodbye through telepathic communication as she teared up. She also gave each one an awkward hug, trying to get the hang of her new body, as she tried to wipe the strange tears from her eyes with her extended wings. She knew that she couldn’t train her Pokemon anymore, and that more than likely she couldn’t even see them again, not like this. She then towards the sky to get away from that damned pond like a normal Lunala would, grasping flight easy, her team of Pokemon not knowing what had happened to the girl - or what they would do next without their trainer at their side.
Request : Moonstone Pond (Lunala tf)
Requested by Eevinka. I hope you like it. This was another killer story for me to write, but I didn't find it quite so bad as the Volcanion tf. Well, at least up next is a non-request story for me to write! Finally doing one of those again instead of a request :happybounce: . However, I still do have 5 requests to go after this one.

Lunala is very hard to write for, but not the worst I've written for. And I have Pokemon Sun, so writing about a Lunala seems a bit traitorous. Oh well, at least it's not writing about a Pokemon I know nothing about or just don't care about.

Edit : It used to be 17 feet that I wrote Lunala's height for (For some reason...) but I changed that to 13.

    NOTE : This is a REQUEST story.

    It was a Friday evening as the moon began to rise over Ridgeway City to the east, the sun beginning to set in the west. The orange sky hung over the large city, giving a beautiful view to Florian, an adult living within the confines of the city. He stared out at the glorious sunset, then sighing, turning to gaze at his small apartment living room, stretching a bit.

    He walked over to his sofa only a few feet away, allowing his body to relax as he fell onto the soft cushions, sinking down a bit into the old couch. Florian then reached for the remote as he began to painstaking process of flipping through channels, barely focussed on the screen as he began to think about something else - something more important to him than the television.

    “Florian, why are you watching TV when you could be helping me here?” Called out a familiar voice to Florian, even if it was metallic seeming... and psychically sent to the young man’s brain. Florian groaned a bit, turning behind him to glare at the kitchen.

    “Can’t you just handle it yourself?” He asked to the kitchen, where he couldn’t see his companion hard at work, trying to cook him a proper meal. That’s when it appeared from behind the plain wall, it was the head of a Magearna, one who appeared slightly irked at the man.

    “If you want it faster you need to come over and help out!” She remarked, a bit angered by her friend’s lack of empathy towards her as she held both of her arms to the wall using her floating frame, only exposing the head and upper body of the mechanical beauty. That’s when Florian felt a large tinge of hunger in his stomach, his stomach rumbling a bit. A small laugh then came from Magearna.

    “I heard that, get in here and help me out! These arms aren’t made for this kind of work anyway!” She snapped, then going back to her work in the small kitchen. Florian was hungry, after all, which prompted him to grab the remote and turn off the TV, halting an advertisement by the Marshall Tourist Committee to be replaced with a screen of black.

    Walking along the creaky wooden floorboards, Florian quickly made his way across his small living room into the tiny kitchen, where his Magearna friend was waiting for him, arms crossed over her metal chest as she continued to float, giving him a questioning glance.

    “Of course you only want to help out once you feel hungry.” She remarked, large eyes slowly seeming to roll. Florian was apologetic to her recently aggressive attitude. Magearna had been going through a lot of drama recently, considering she was a ‘once in a lifetime’ find for a Pokemon, a legend, one which many wanted to capture, including those who would go to any length to get their grubby hands on such a profitable catch.

    “I thought you had it covered.” He responded, shrugging his shoulders and giving the Magarena an embarrassed smile. She rolled her eyes again, continuing to speak with him through the mind.

    “Whatever, just grab a pot and start filling it up with water, then throw it onto the stove, Florian.” She remarked to him as she got back to chopping up vegetables using her tiny robotic arms, holding the knife awkwardly with both of the small arms. He saluted her sarcastically, which she just shook her head to, as he reached into a cupboard, pulling out a large pot. He then placed the pot into the sink, filling it up with tap water, and as he turned on the stovetop, Florian placed the large pot onto the burner.

    “Thanks, Florian.” The stressed automaton stated. Florian nodded a bit in response, then began to go off on a bit of a tangent.

    “Are you okay, Magearna? You seem stressed tonight.” He asked her, showing concern over his friend’s mental state, though she was a robotic Pokemon. She internally sighed and stopped cutting the veggies, turning to Florian, then back to the greens.

    “I just… It’s nothing, Florian. It’s nothing. Go back to watching TV or something… I’ll call you back in when I need you. Thanks for letting me stay the night, too. Just so many poachers…  I really appreciate it.” She told the man as she got back to cutting the veggies. Slower this time, however, in a state of some greater sadness. Florian nodded his head as his face developed a sort of worried expression.

    “Of course. I’ll always be there for you if you need me.” He stated as he began to walk out of the kitchen, moving back to the sofa as he pulled out his smartphone, becoming entranced by the glow of the screen.

    About thirty minutes passed of silence between the two, the sun continued to set through the window as well. While Magearna continued to toil in the kitchen, Florian was on his phone, totally oblivious to anything Magearna was doing. That is, until she called for him again.

    “Hey Florian, I could use your help again. The pot is too heavy for me. Could you take it off of the stove and move it closer to me?” She asked with hesitation, almost as if she was worried about him moving the pot. Florian shrugged, turning his phone off as he walked back into the tiny, cramped kitchen.

    Magearna hovered by her cutting station, still working on the ingredients of the soup she was making him. Florian sighed as he grabbed onto the two handles on both sides of the large, heavy pot. The water was boiling, and some steam blew into Florian’s face, which lead him to cough once considering he could barely breath through the mist. He then lifted the pot, not expecting it to be so heavy.

    That’s when Florian began to lose his balance, he stumbled backwards a bit, desperately trying to get himself back onto his feet as his legs wobbled, giving out from the position they were in from the stumble. While Florian fell to the ground, he let his grip loosen on the pot. Crashing onto the wooden floors of the dining room (falling out of the tiny kitchen) Florian also felt hot liquid pour all over him, drenching his clothes and skin in the scalding water. He screamed violently in pain.

    Magearna quickly dropped what she was doing, moving over to her friend to try and help him in any way she could quickly, greatly concerned over the man, who now covered his face with his hands as his skin began to turn red from the heat. She reached toward him, then realized she couldn’t do much to help, that’s when Magearna tried to talk to Florian.

    “Florian, I know - I know that it hurts. But come on, we should probably move you to the hospital.” She said, confused about what to do as he continued to scream, writhing on the floor in a state of pure pain and distraught.

    “THIS IS THE WORST PAIN I HAVE EVER FELT IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!” Florian shouted, almost ignoring Magearna’s statement. She knew that she couldn't call anybody, since they couldn't understand her over the phone, and that if she went outside she risked being caught. Magearna knew then that she would just need to make Florian comfortable until the pain was bearable enough for him to call an ambulance on his own. At the moment however, Florian was essentially out of commission as his body turned more and more red, almost maroon now, and his skin was… smoother and thicker as well. Didn't burns usually mess up skin? Not fix any blemishes or problems? That's what Magearna began to think, anyway.

    She wasn't meant to be focused on the why, though. Magearna was meant to be focused on helping her friend! She quickly busted into the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, grabbing some berry-based aspirin to help with pain. Chalked full of oran and citrus berries, Magearna knew that it would be very useful in helping out Florian.

    When she got back into the room however, Magearna was shocked, gasping and almost dropping the bottle of aspirin when she saw Florian’s deep red skin, and the fact that he no longer seemed in pain, he seemed okay as he continued to lay on the floor with closed eyes. This was too weird for Magearna. Actually, could he be…?

    “D-Dead?” Magearna asked herself as she stared at the seemingly lifeless body. However, she then screamed a bit as she saw his eyes shoot open again, staring at her. His eyes were light blue, almost neon, which prompted the robotic Pokemon to drop the bottle from surprise. Florian’s eyes weren’t blue!

    Florian seemed to regain his composure a bit, glancing to the automaton Pokemon as he continued to lay on the wooden floorboards. He looked more confused than anything else now, staring at the smooth red skin on his arm in a state of confusion.

    “It… Doesn’t hurt anymore…” Florian muttered to the now semi-relieved Magearna as he began to sit up, his hand pressing down onto the floor to try and give him some more composure. However, this wouldn’t last.

    That’s when the pain came back to Florian, hitting his face, more specifically his jaw. His jawbone began to change form and structure. The lower jaw began to change a shade of goldish-yellow as Florian’s chin and jaw began to become much more sharp in places, the sides of his face growing goldish-yellow (continued from his jaw) spikes upon them, looking much more jagged, as a spike became more and more noticeable right on his chin to boot. Florian was shocked by his new mouth and cheeks - but this was just the beginning for him. However, the one who was truly distraught by the whole event wasn’t Florian - no, it was Magearna, who quickly covered her eyes (not affecting much in the way of her vision...) and turned around, trying to avoid the whole situation as best she could without abandoning her friend..

    Florian’s face continued to change, with his nose extending more outward, creating somewhat of a helmet-like ridge across the line of his nose, with his eyes, growing a yellow border around them, moving downward below the ridge, more or less appearing attached to the ridge itself. His nostrils then moved closer to his mouth - free of any pointed face triangle to hold them down. He then also grew an extra pair of nostrils in a very painful manner next to the old ones. Florian’s eyebrows moved themselves above the ridgeline, turning the same yellow color as his jawline, as his ears moved more to the top of his head, becoming much more large, red with black insides and with a spiked tip on each, along with his hair beginning to fall out as well. His human face was gone - replaced by whatever the boiling water had done to him.

    He then began to feel a small pain from his spine, growing and growing in pain until Florian let out a small scream, as his back began to move outward more, stretching his shirt. His back became more and more hunched in away, tearing the back of his shirt as the red back (now dull and triangular) continued to expand painfully.

    As his back continued to grow more and more, Florian moved onto his stomach to be more comfortable. That’s when Florian’s arms and legs began to both grow - legs tearing his pants, as his arms began to tear through his shirt as all four appendages began to swell, becoming the same shade of maroon as well. They continued to swell, as his five fingers and toes for each appendage began to morph into three, stubby, but sharp, claws of yellow hue, as his legs and arms continued to swell, taking his hands, wrists, and lower arms, as well as feet, ankles, and lower legs as well, all becoming entranced into one, thick, red appendage. They all began to shorten as well, the legs and arms anyway, as the upper arms and legs began to grow a bluish-black hue, hardening as they became much more thin than the new hand/foot appendages.

    As his back finished its ascent, Florian began to feel a red and black tail pushing its way our from his rear-area on his out of proportion body, leading him to clench his teeth as the small appendage made its way out. Florian also felt, as he began to stand up, that his chest was growing new appendages, two small, awkward yellow plates began to grow upon his upper torso.

    Just when Florian began to stand on all four of his legs again, believing whatever had happened to him was done, he began to feel something pushing out from his enlarged back. On both sides of his back, Florian felt as two tube-like structures began to push out, growing and growing into sort of a connected ring upon his back. They had blue markings with some yellow mixed in as well. The transformation was complete - Florian was now a just over five and a half foot tall Pokemon, a Volcanion. He looked around from his new head location much closer to the floor, then looking up at Magearna, who was still turned around.

    “What happened to me..?” A strange, new voice asked within Florian’s head. It was his own thought, sure, but not his own voice. Magearna then turned around, seemingly wanting to cry at the sight she was observing.

    “It worked… It worked… I am so, SO sorry Florian…” Magearna tried to tell him through tears which she couldn’t actually produce. Florian raised a brow to this remark, what was she talking about?

    “What? What do you mean, ‘it worked’?” Florian asked internally, psychologically talking to his friend. She shook her head violently, something was clearly wrong with her as she stared at the large red being, occasionally shutting her eyes and reopening them, not blinking, but as if trying to make some kind of optical illusion disappear.

    “I - I spiked the boiling water with something that I was told would make you into a Pokemon… Why did I do it? I want to be less distant with you… I thought I would humor that cloaked figure by taking the gift - he wasn’t trying to capture me after all! But - but I didn’t think you would become… This! Or anything for that matter!” She said between her automated sobbing. Florian’s mouth gaped open, in shock of Magearna's lack of thought in the whole situation.

    “Yeah, and LOOK at what you did to me!” The red beast internally screamed at his friend, in a state of slight rage, as his back ring instinctively parted, pointing two large tubes at the saddened Pokemon, but Florian’s human side still saw things the right way, as he moved the tubes back into the ring shape, slowly and shakily walking over on his four legs to Magearna, trying to calm her down...  
Request : Boiling Point (Volcanion tf)
Requested by drake2345I was told to put a Magearna into the story as his buddy. So yeah, this was my take on it. And yes, I called Magearna a ‘she’, though it’s a genderless Pokemon.

Ha, ha ha ha, I may have called this story ‘Boiling Point’ but dammit fellas, I’ve REACHED my boiling point from writing this story! Holy hell, after the next request I do I’m banning all legendary Pokemon from my tfs. They’re too hard to describe, and by that I mean borderline impossible to pull off well. This tf made me actually want to smash my head into my keyboard, or just actually tell the requester he’d have to go without this Pokemon, so if the tf looks shoddy and awful, THAT’S why. Have you ever tried to WRITE the transformation for a legendary Pokemon? It sucks, trust me. They have so much detail that I need to leave stuff out, and describe one thing so much to the point of it being repetitive and awful. Another strikeout story for me, I suppose!

I am so sorry, I really dropped the ball again.



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