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A Day at the Mines (Aron tf)
    (Warning - some MINOR gore in this one. Not enough to make it age restricted, but it’s there. That said, I hope you enjoy the first part of this story!)
    An older looking teenager walked into the Marshall Sheriff’s Office wearing a blue sweater over his white collared shirt with dark blue jeans, his black loafers shining as he stepped in, and his aviator shades of gold tint glared menacingly at the man behind the front desk. The police officer looked at the young man as he stepped up to the counter, the cop rolling his eyes and groaning subtly. The man walked up to the desk, a firm smirk on his face and his chiseled chin one to die for.
    “What do you want?” The cop asked disgusted, not wanting to deal with the obvious Academy student from the big city. He looked to be trouble to the small town. The kid just slicked his gelled blonde hair more to the side of his head in response, giving the man the same
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King Kasamy's Mask (Yamask tf)
    Judy took a long look at the jewelry peddler’s stand. She eyed his products with a very disappointed look on her face, shaking her head. Her blue eyes holding pink contacts showed a look of slight anger beneath her large pink-framed sunglasses, anger over not being able to find a gift for her boyfriend who was back home. Judy had come to Shorefield Landing on a personal break from the humdrum activities of clothes shopping and reading beauty magizines, the hot desert sun beating down on her slightly tanned skin as she was wearing hot pink clothes which marked her as a stereotypical and blatantly obvious tourist to the area.
    Shorefield Landing was a place of heat, a desert town of many people, and a popular destination for tourism and the procuring of special and interesting goods. The city was also riddled with thieves and con artists, hosting fake Pokemon centers, selling fake potions, rare candies, bootleg TMs and HMs, and also dysfunctiona
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An Unfriendly Reunion (Treecko tf)
    (This is a sequel to my first story, The Last Day of Camp, while it's not necessary that you read the other story, I would recommend it strongly so that you can understand the characters better. If anything this will spoil the other one. Anyways, I hope you like it, and remember to leave a comment!)
    It was evening over Lake Marsh, the sun glimmering through the trees giving a purple and orange hue to the sky which reflected off of the murky waters of the green lake.
    The town of Marshall was a couple minutes drive from the lake, and the sleepy little town with a population of a tad more than 200 people had recently lost a major piece of joy and happiness, the Lake Marsh Summer Camp.
    The camp faced scrutiny following the disappearance of a camp counselor which lost the camp a lot of business, putting it out of commission eventually. The counselor was a student from the Ridgeway Pokemon Academy
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The Last Day of Camp (Mudkip tf)
(Please note that this is my first tf story submitted to DeviantArt, please leave any comments or critiques to the story or my writing to help me improve and better any future works.)
    Evan yawned in his groggy state, stretching his arms wide and putting his back up in his bed. He rubbed his eyes and looked out his window next to the bed to see the orange sun rising up over Lake Marsh, its green waters glistening and free of human activity completely.
    He looked around the little bunkhouse to see his fellow counselors were still fast asleep in their cot-like beds. Stepping out of his own, Evan put on the muddy sandals he kept under his bed and opened the door, sneaking out while still wearing his sleeping shorts and white t-shirt.
    He heard the aviary Pokemon chirping away and buzzing bug types. Evan felt a sense of sorrow as he walked on the dirt trail down towards Lake Marsh. It was his last day at the camp, and Evan wasn't lookin
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    (Warning - some MINOR gore in this one. Not enough to make it age restricted, but it’s there. That said, I hope you enjoy the first part of this story!)

    An older looking teenager walked into the Marshall Sheriff’s Office wearing a blue sweater over his white collared shirt with dark blue jeans, his black loafers shining as he stepped in, and his aviator shades of gold tint glared menacingly at the man behind the front desk. The police officer looked at the young man as he stepped up to the counter, the cop rolling his eyes and groaning subtly. The man walked up to the desk, a firm smirk on his face and his chiseled chin one to die for.

    “What do you want?” The cop asked disgusted, not wanting to deal with the obvious Academy student from the big city. He looked to be trouble to the small town. The kid just slicked his gelled blonde hair more to the side of his head in response, giving the man the same firm smirk.

    “I’m sorry, but if you’ve got nothing to tell me then please get out. I'm very busy, unlike you.” The cop stated, unsure of how to proceed. but finally, the kid spoke.

    “Hello there good officer, some of my friends and I are up from the Ridgeway Pokemon Academy, we’re looking for a good place to hang out and chill for the day, you know of any places like that?”

    His voice was pretentious and had the sort of surfer dude/ skater guy vibe to it. The officer, Marcus, didn’t want to answer the kid’s questions with truthful answers, he wanted the kid to just pack up and leave. Marcus was an older police officer, he wasn't a big fan of tourists.

    “Why not the lake..?” He asked, staring the kid dead in the glasses, asking because he assumed the kid was too dull to be able to know that Marshall was home to a glistening and glimmering lake - Lake Marsh.

    “Nah, dude, one of the students my school apparently died there a few months back. Never knew the guy, his name was Ivan or something?”

    “That hasn’t been confirmed. We’re still looking for him, he's not dead until we find his body.” Marcus said, slightly offended that this city boy was so uncaring of the lost teenager.

    “Sure you are. Anyways, where should the four of us go, dude?” The kid asked, sweeping his hair to the side of his head.

    “Who do you think you are, calling an officer of the law ‘dude’?” Marcus asked the kid, disgusted by his lack of proper manners. Well, that’s what Marcus was brought up as being known as ‘proper’ anyway. In response the snotty rich kid smirked, laughing with that sort of 'glad you asked' mentality.

    “I’m Aaron Rodman, son of Alistair Rodman, head of the Rodman Corporation. I assume you’ve heard of me now, no?”

    Marcus sighed heavily, “Pretentious, dumb, and Grumpiggybacking off of daddy’s fame. Please, get him out…” he thought to himself.

    “Er, uh, I don’t know, try the Marshall Mines?" Marcus said, throwing it out as an idea for the kid to leave him alone. The near adult scoffed, laughing once.

    “What’s so funny?”

    “Seeing how the poor of this hick town used to earn a living, I think it’ll be fun. I’ll go pitch the idea to my friends, see you later, dude.” Aaron stated as he put his hands into his pockets, turning around and walking out the door. Marcus shook his head and groaned after Aaron stepped outside.

    “Idiot’s gonna get him and his friends lost…” He muttered to himself, shaking his head as he began typing up a report about his findings so far on the current lost Ridgeway kid.

    Aaron walked down the steps of the station down to a loud convertible car blaring electro-punk music. Aaron started nodding his head to the beats of the car which held three people, two in the front and one in the back. Aaron nodded to his friends as he approached, grinning at them with his pearly whites. He pulled the car door open to the backseat, stepping in and sitting down beside his girlfriend, Jenny.

    Jenny smiled at her boyfriend, swishing her blonde hair from her face which was covered in makeup, kissing her boyfriend on the cheek. Her thin body wore a short white skirt along with a black jacket and a striped white undershirt, her earrings and aviators glinting in the sunlight.

    “So where are we to, babe?” She asked, her ‘typical dumb blonde’ style voice barely heard over the loud music.

    “The Marshall mines.” Aaron responded.

    “Ugh. Mines, really? What are we, cavemen?” Veronica asked, forcing her brown hair back behind her head as she brushed it. Her slender frame wore an all white outfit, white skirt, white polo, and white shoes and watch, as if she were off to play tennis.

    “Ah baby! Nah, we aren’t cavemen! We’re just going to the mines!” The large, buff guy sitting at the driver’s seat remarked. His name was Dennis, but most of his football player friends knew him as “Smalls”, he wore his red and gold varsity jacket, a blue collared shirt underneath, ripped blue jeans, and black sneakers. He brushed his black hair with the palm of his hand, the other fiddling with the radio. Veronica groaned, looking towards her oaf of a boyfriend with a look of pure disgust.

    “Was that a dad joke or something?” She asked her idiot boyfriend with a tone of pure malaise.

    “Um. No. I was just saying the truth. We aren’t cavemen.” Smalls replied.

    “Anyways guys, the mines!” Jenny said, excited, pulling out her phone and looking up the directions to the Marshall Mines. She quickly found a result on her map app, telling Dennis, who they all knew as Smalls, the directions where to go.

    About 30 minutes of driving down gravelly path in Veronica’s convertible which Smalls drove the group finally arrived at the mines, still blaring loud music. The entrance to the cave was small, but had enough space to people to fit into.

    “These hicks call this place a mine? Daddy owns so many mines - all bigger than this one. No wonder they’re all so lower-middle class back there.” Veronica stated in her disgusted tone, stretching her legs as she stepped out of the car.

    “I mean, the mine is probably closed Veronica. They can't profit off of it.” Jenny replied, her voice echoing in the small clearing of trees that led into the huge mountain before them.

    “Look, let’s just get inside.” Aaron stated, grabbing the two six packs of ‘high quality’ canned beer from the trunk of Veronica’s car. He gave one to Smalls, also grabbing his speakers from the car so they could have some party music while they drank.

    “We ready to go?” Aaron asked as they stood before the small opening where they saw a cart track.

    “Sure thing, bro! I’m pumped for this!” Smalls yelled.

    “I guess so. Whatever.” Veronica stated blatantly.

    “Yeah babe! Let’s get in there!” Jenny said.

    “Alright! Let’s go dudes!” Aaron yelled as he led the group inside.

    Signs were posted all throughout the front of the cave - but the group of teens didn’t notice any one of them. They warned against potential Pokemon dangers within the vast expanse of cave system - which looked small on the outside - but was full of many tunnels and wide gaps.

    The gang of students walked down the tracks of the cave, joking and having fun like a group of morons as they walked further and further down the dark cave, paying no attention to the wet cave walls around them. The air was humid and moist as the group of teenagers patrolled further inside.

    Eventually, the straight path led the group to a small station nestled inside of the rock to their left, with a garage holding a track coming from it stood as well. It was made almost entirely out of wood and dark glass, glass stained with coal dust and grime so dark no human would be able to see the interior well at all.

    Smalls put his face up to the glass looking into the office, but it was too dark to see anything. He pulled out his phone to see he was receiving no service, but shrugged it off as he was just using his flashlight app. Still, he received no light from his phone either. He tried to open the door, but it was locked.

    “Crap, man.” He said, blankly. In a stroke of genius, Aaron picked up a small rock on the ground and walked up to the office door. The wooden door held a window in it. Aaron slammed the rock against the window and in one bang and shatter, the glass shattered. He unlocked the door inside reaching his hand through the window, opening the creaky door.

    The inside of the office was damp, smelly, and musty. Aaron walked in first, finding a lightswitch on the wall, which he flicked on. A buzzing began to emanate through the room as Aaron saw lockers, pickaxes, mining hats, mining clothes, and another door which he assumed led to that garage they'd seen. He placed the six pack and his speakers on the floor, looking around more.

    “Awww, sick dude! This must be the locker room!” Smalls shouted, bolting by Aaron and quickly picking up one of the mining hats, placing it onto his head, dropping the six pack of beer he held onto the floor. It didn’t fit him well, it was too small for his bulbous head.

    Veronica and Jenny walked in behind Smalls. The room had a creaky wooden floor with wooden walls, as well as a wooden roof. Many of the lockers remained open despite years of disuse, but that metallic door at the other end of the room is what Aaron was truly interested in.

    “If there is a minecart in there I call the first one to try it.” Aaron remarked excitedly, pointing at the door. The three approached the door, with Jenny shaking the handle.

    “No good.” She stated, feeling the door was locked. Suddenly, out of nowhere came a scream from behind them, it was Smalls. He charged the door with a pickaxe raised high into the air, mining hat shaking loosely on his head. He slammed the axe into the door, leaving a dent. Then another, another, another. He kept going until there was a reasonable sized hole which led into the dark room.

    He kept going and dragged the pickaxe from the hole to the floor, cutting it open, he then tore the new metal flaps to the sides on the metal door. Smalls was more brawn than brain, he was never really too smart. Veronica turned on her flashlight app to reveal a small garage with tools and more mining equipment. However, what really caught the eyes of the teenagers was the rusty minecart sitting on the tracks.

    Aaron nodded his head with his pearly white grin, “I called first dibs, remember?”

    “We don’t even know where that goes, babe.” Jenny stated, staring at Aaron who seemed to entranced by the cart to care. He ran through the doorway, ducking and jumping into the cart. Jenny followed him, flicking on the lightswitch. With a flicker, the one bulb turned on. The boyfriend and girlfriend looked around the now illuminated room, Veronica and Smalls didn’t follow them, they merely watched from the outside of the little garage room. Aaron peered for anything that would make the minecart move, but all he saw was the button to the garage door next to the cut open metal door. Aaron reached for the button, but he couldn’t grab it.

    “Hey babe, want to press that button for me?” He said, jumping in his seat and pointing to the button.

    “No, and, why can’t we go together? It’ll be romantic!” Jenny stated, blushing at the idea.

    Aaron looked at Jenny, then he laughed, “Nope! I do this for the rush! Not for romance! I don't need you in my life right now, this is all me babe!”

    Jenny looked at him with her mouth gaped open, Veronica and Smalls looking in on the two. All of them looked at Aaron in disgust, even Smalls knew that what Aaron had just said was pretty selfish and crude.

    “Our relationship is just a rush, and it's a rush in which you don't love me… Okay. It’s not romance…” Jenny stated, her eyes tearing up. Out of anger and depression she slammed the garage door button, which instantly lifted the minecart into the air a bit on a train track platform, creating a small ramp down to the track below. Aaron looked at Jenny with a sort of glum expression on his face, but he was too excited for the ride. He turned out of the door and began rolling slowly down the cave where the group had not been before. Aaron looked behind him, but nobody followed him despite only going a few miles per hour. He watched as the small miner locker room began to fade out of view, its lights disappearing into darkness.

    “Their loss,” He muttered, turning to look in front of him. It was almost pitch black, so Aaron turned on his flashlight app on his phone and held it ahead of him to be able to see. The minecart was just bumpy and wasn’t very fun, this was just a straight path into the cave.

    About 10 minutes passed of pure boredom, Aaron sighed, getting up inside of the slow moving minecart. Suddenly, as he stood inside he felt an incline and fell backwards back into his seat. The minecart was moving downhill, and at a quickly rising rate. From a few miles an hour to about twenty miles per hour, then to forty miles per hour - then sixty - then eighty. Aaron screamed as he realized the cart was going way too fast down the continuous slope.

    “TOO FAST!” He screamed, repeatedly, holding onto the sides of the cart for his life. The wind blew through his hair, when suddenly he felt the minecart return to the straightaway, going nearly ninety miles per hour. He still held his phone with one hand, shining it ahead, the other clutching the side of the minecart

    “OH HECK NO!” He shrieked, his aviators now skewed on his face, as he noticed a sharp turn in the track down aways. He had a only a few seconds to think - he could risk a jump out of the speeding cart or risk the turn, which he noticed a second later would send him down what he saw as a deep pit if the guardrail he saw would hold. He chose to stay inside.

    The minecart quickly bolted to the turn, making the turn with the wheels on one side rising up off of the track, a loud screeching in progress. He used his body weight to level out the cart more so that he wouldn't fly over the edge. When he cleared the turn the wheels popped back onto the track. Aaron let out a sigh of relief, turning ahead once more and screamed. That’s when he saw it.

    Nearly 7 feet wall - white and grey body, giant and intimidating - an Aggron, even if he didn’t get a good look. It was turned around. That’s all Aaron was able to see before the cart crashed into the large being, which didn’t even flinch. Aaron was jerked forward on the impact, slamming his aviator glasses into the front of the cart, he heard a loud crack as well come from his nose - it had broken.

    The Aggron moved forward a bit, turning around to stare at Aaron’s seemingly lifeless body with its large, blue eyes. It let out a puff of air from its nose, then let out a roar.

    “AAAAAAAGGGGRRRRROOOOOONNNNNNN!” It yelled, shaking the cave and dropping rocks to the floor from the ceiling

    Aaron lifted his head, his nose bent towards the right side of his face, his face was smeared with blood around the nose - as if there had been an explosion of blood on his face. His aviator shades were missing a lense, and the other was cracked beyond repair. He stared into the Aggron’s eyes, nauseous, dizzy, and in pain from a headache, the broken nose, and from his heart - which was about to beat out of his chest.

    The Aggron bent over and stuck its face right in Aaron’s, letting out a large puff of air, then sniffing. It smelt the blood covering his face. Aaron began to cry, he felt his death was going to be on that day, and that he would end up a lost soul to Marshall - just like the other student of Ridgeway Academy had been months prior.

    It pulled away, growling, Aaron could see its armored body and knew that the Aggron would kill him instantly if it wanted to. Why was it hesitating?

    “Weh?” Aaron asked, spitting out a tooth which had been knocked out by the impact. The Aggron looked at him, puzzled.

    “Ah yuh guh-uh kill meh? Uh? Wah nah jus ge eh duh?” He asked dizzily, his swollen tongue from biting down on it too hard and a few of his teeth were missing - giving him a terrible accent. The Aggron looked at Aaron with squinted eyes, shaking its head.

    “Suh… Ah’m freh?” He asked, gaining hope of his future continuing. The Aggron seemed to think a moment, it then grabbed the collar of Aaron’s shirt with its large clawed arms, putting him right into its face. Aaron cowered, closing his eyes and feeling the hot breath upon his skin. The Aggron then tried to wipe the blood from Aaron’s face using its clawed hand, which just smeared it around more. It seemed like it was trying to be - motherly - not menacing. Trying to care for the fearful teenager, the Aggron gasped when it saw what it had done to Aaron’s face. It looked from side to side and placed him down again. Aaron was sobbing exponentially as he was placed onto the ground. The Aggron looked to him and then to its claws. The sniffling kid wouldn’t expect what the Aggron was about to give him.

    Suddenly, it slashed its claws across Aaron’s face. He screamed in agony, grabbing his face, dropping his phone to the ground. He screamed and cried, kicking wildly into the air. The Aggron looked at him squirm with its arms folded.

    “WAH?” Aaron yelled through his screaming, just realizing that the scratch had obliterated the glasses he wore.

    Aaron began to feel a strange sensation emanating throughout his body, but from where the scratch markings were came the greatest feeling of strangeness. He began to touch at the claw marks specifically. He felt at his face, he noticed that his face was becoming very smooth underneath his hands, and changing shape. He felt his broken and cracked nose receding into his face slowly, leaving him with nothing more than two nostrils - very large ones for his facial size. He felt as his head began to morph and change shape - immense pain stemming from the front of his face beginning to stick out, his skull forming into almost the shape of a shield in the front. Aaron was panting as he felt this - the pain was extraordinary, but he could only focus on his face - his nostrils and his now shield-shaped face. Next was the mouth, he felt as it moved down his very oddly shaped head down onto where the bottom of his face was. He seemed to notice his beautiful blonde hair was also falling out - feeling his head and face to notice a very smooth and cold face, one without hair. The last features of his face to change were his ears and eyes - his ears merely turned into large (larger than what he believed the nose holes to be) holes and shifted to above his eyes, just as his nostrils were below them. His eyes then changed - they burned into his face - moving further in, and he felt them grow and expand, his vision also changing as a result.

    Aaron was terrified at this event - but he was sort of happy his facial blemishes were gone. He scrambled to grab his phone and watched himself in the reflection. He had the head of a Pokemon with a face with a line through it, his large sunken eyes were blue with small black pupils. He saw no mouth on his face - only two holes - those had once been his nose. He still had a mouth - it was below his face however. He also saw the huge holes towards the top of his head - slightly larger than the holes towards the bottom. He wanted to scream - or cry - but he couldn’t before he felt the bodily changes coming on.

    He noticed his hand shrinking, becoming a nub, which left Aaron’s phone to be dropped to the floor, breaking. Once again, Aaron was on the floor in pain. He stared at the nub hand - which turned white - just like his face - and saw that his other arm was doing the same thing. Aaron also felt himself shrinking underneath his clothes.    

    His legs followed suit with his arms - becoming nubs identical to his little white hand nubs - giving Aaron the legs of a quadruped in one fell swoop. Along with this he continued to shrink at a rather rapid rate, looking on as his shirt contained all but his bottom two legs. He began to feel his organs morphing and changing to fit a new bodily form, as well as his bones. Up next was the physical body which would change.

    Aaron felt his body become more round, feeling it smoothen out. It then grew something else upon it - something heavy. It was metal plating - much like Aaron had seen on his face, only it covered the top half of his body on his back - his belly being exposed and gray, but the backplate was also white - much like Aaron’s face. His body was pretty much an oval with a large and thick metal plate on it at this point - but still the changes were not complete.

    Aaron felt the final pieces of the transformative puzzle falling into place, jumping in the shirt and shuddering as he felt his ‘pride’ disappearing into his body, as male Pokemon appear to have no such feature - and as if a cue for that, a spike jutted out from his back plate right above his gray rear directly after. He then felt a hole become prominent upon each side of his backplate, one for each side, and felt as his spine morphed and changed to turn him into a real quadruped. The last step was the vocal cords and tongue. His tongue felt different - fitting his mouth very differently - he felt as his vocal cords changed positioning, shape, and size to be able to speak one language - Pokemon.

    He tried to pull himself out of his shirt with struggle, trying hard to fit his small body through the neck hole of his sweater, but he couldn't do it.

    “Aggron - Agg Ron, Ron!” The Aggron stated, but Aaron could understand it well.

    “Aw, sweetie, let me help you with that!” It said, he now realized it having a very feminine voice, something he couldn't tell when he was human. It was a female - at least now Aaron knew that much.

    Trying to speak, Aaron merely barked out a, “Arrrr - Ar Ar Aron!” He closed his eyes, trying to comprehend why he had just said he said.

    “I don’t need your help!” He tried to say as he struggled. At least he could still understand himself and the Aggron like this, even if he was very embarrassed by it and had a much lighter, but more gravelly voice.

    “Awww, you’re so adorable!” She said, grabbing the shirt and pulling it over Aaron’s head. Aaron jumped up out of the shirt and growled at the Aggron, taking up an instinctively defensive stance.

    “Oh don't be so dramatic, this is a new life for you. Being an Aron is nice!” She said in her Poke-tongue, giving Aaron a grin.

    “My dad is the head of Rodman Corp. We control many Pokemon zoos and you'd be a welcome addition to any one!” Aaron stated, growling, angry. He tried to imply a threat, but he came off as more cute than threatening.

    “Your dad? No, I'm your only parent now, you're my little orphan Aron! I'm gonna make sure you get all of the iron you need in your diet and I'll be the best mommy in the world!” She said joyfully, gingerly picking Aaron up with both hands and holding him to her chest. Aaron squirmed in her grasp, but she merely placed her head to his large forehead softly and began humming a calming tune, walking with the squirming and struggling Pokemon which she now held to her chest with one arm, the other arm stroking his back and patting him gently. Aaron was calmed down a lot after a short while of this, falling asleep in her arms, tired after such a stressful day. He needed a nice nap after the day's events. The motherly Aggron carried Aaron the Aron to his new home in the mines, where his new life would now begin.


    “I'm sorry about Aaron.” Veronica said to Jenny as the group of three were in the locker room. The two girls hugged upon one of the benches, Jenny crying, while Smalls stood in the doorway which led out to the mineshaft, drinking one of the beers illegally.

    Out of nowhere, the entire group heard an echoed voice and fell dead silent, the voice was one of a Pokemon.

    It yelled out, very distantly, “AAAAAAAGGRRRRROOOOOONNNNNN!”

    The three perked up, Smalls dropping his beer and shuttering.

    “That sounded huge, bro…” Smalls stated.

    “It sounded mad, too.” Veronica stated, adding onto what Smalls had said.

    “Maybe it has to do with Aaron?” Smalls pondered.

    “We need to check it out.” Jenny said, wiping the tears from her face with her arm.

A Day at the Mines (Aron tf)
This is part 1 of more. I hope you enjoy it! Comment on anything you see flawed or good, I enjoy seeing feedback be it good or bad.

I love Aron, it's such a cute Pokemon.

    Judy took a long look at the jewelry peddler’s stand. She eyed his products with a very disappointed look on her face, shaking her head. Her blue eyes holding pink contacts showed a look of slight anger beneath her large pink-framed sunglasses, anger over not being able to find a gift for her boyfriend who was back home. Judy had come to Shorefield Landing on a personal break from the humdrum activities of clothes shopping and reading beauty magizines, the hot desert sun beating down on her slightly tanned skin as she was wearing hot pink clothes which marked her as a stereotypical and blatantly obvious tourist to the area.

    Shorefield Landing was a place of heat, a desert town of many people, and a popular destination for tourism and the procuring of special and interesting goods. The city was also riddled with thieves and con artists, hosting fake Pokemon centers, selling fake potions, rare candies, bootleg TMs and HMs, and also dysfunctional Pokeballs. The hotels were marvelous, some of the best in the region. The best were beachside with amazing views and access to all of the wonders of the lighter side to Shorefield Landing. Recreation, peace, and joy, all on the oceanside of Shorefield, the western side of the beautifully designed city was more of a slum, marble buildings of outstanding design bumping elbows with circle-ish roofs of stained glass turning slowly and slowly into dumpy clay and old mud shacks with cracked wooden doors, sand seeping onto the floors.

    Judy was in the most congested area of Shorefield Landing - Abah’s Bazaar - a place where anyone can procure just about anything within the huge market. That is, if he or she has the patience to deal with the crowds of locals and tourists, as well as some pickpockets and cutthroats, as well as inconsiderate cars driving through hordes of people, honking loudly. If anything - congested is an understatement for the amount of chaos which takes place at Abah’s Bazaar, but if one is trying to buy good and strange items for cheap, the weather beaten stands are the place to be.

    “My sweetie wouldn’t like any of this stuff, he wants something out of the ordinary, I know that, not clearly fake jewelery.” Judy muttered to herself, turning away from the bored looking man’s stand, bumping into a larger man who didn’t seem to pay her any notice. She slowly walked through the hordes upon hordes of people, staring at the stands.

    “Fruit… No. Pendants… I don’t think so. Rugs… Nah. A weird looking lamp that doesn’t look like it would work and would probably release some kind of entity if I bought it, nope…” Judy muttered to herself, her pink nail in the corner of her mouth as her slender frame brushed by oncomers.

    She continued to look around the bazaar, seeing and finding nothing in sight which would warrant an anniversary present. She thought of her boyfriend and his likes, curling a finger through her long, flowing, dyed pink hair, with the other finger in the side of her mouth. She watched as crowds passed and seemingly go right through her. It was her last day in Shorefield Landing, and she knew her boyfriend would appreciate a gift from a place where he could never get a long enough break from work to go to.

    It took her a few minutes blind walking before - as if a sign - she saw a little shop. In the window of this shop were several Pokemon-based objects of oddity which Judy thought looked like they would be perfect for her man. He was always into the darker side of most things. She stared toward a sign above the cracked wooden door, trying to get a reading of the place. The sign read, “Abah’s Strange Procurities”.

    The name struck interest into Judy, and she nodded, walking inside as she took her hands out of her mouth and hair, pushing the door inward. The door creaked, but a small bell rung above the door, more than likely for the owner to know they were receiving a customer.

    The interior was dark and cramped, Judy noticed as she glared around the store. She stepped along the wooden floorboards, glaring at very odd items she would have never expected to see anywhere else, ranging from a bronzed Mudkip fin, all the way up to an old fashioned painting of some bug-eyed guy petting a Glameow, which the artist gave the exact same face as the guy. She shuttered. Items like these and more creeped Judy out - but she was doing it out of love. Judy continued to view items of this same liking, walking up to the counter slowly.

    When she finally reached the counter - she found it unoccupied, until a small man walked out from behind some silken curtains which led to a back room. He approached her from the other side of the counter - he was old. Judy suspected he was at least 90, not seeing any way he could still be running this shop, but she knew it was impolite to ask age.

    “Yes? What do you want, little girl?”

    “Hey, I’m not a little girl.” Judy said, slightly offended by the gravelly voiced comment. Judy glared at his squinting eyes from behind her glasses. He wore silk robes with a black vest, and his white, balding hair made him look ancient.

    “I don’t care girl, what do you want from my humble shop?”

    “Um, I’m looking for a gift for my boyfriend. He’s into more, uh, ‘interesting’ pieces. I was wondering if you had anything like that?”

    “Of course I do, girly.” He said, grasping his bony fingers together and grinning, having the decaying teeth of one who hadn’t taken proper hygiene measures for weeks.

    “I’m also looking for something that won’t break the bank, know what I’m saying?”

    “Yes, yes, yes, I understand, you tourists are all the same, not wanting to spend money for the quality goods…” He muttered to himself, walking behind the curtain.

    Judy waited a few minutes, the man still hadn’t come back.

    “Maybe he finally dropped dead…” Judy thought to herself, pulling out her makeup mirror and touching up her mascara as she snickered a bit.

    The man hobbled back just as she was finishing up her little touch up, holding a seemingly flat item, some kind of stone, or metal, or maybe even some kind of pat sand. He dropped it onto the counter, grinning that decaying grin he held just a bit earlier. It was a mask - one with a very plain and basic face - one which held plain, sideways ovals for eyes, a long nose extending from those, and a straight mouth with a line connecting the nose underneath.

    “... He’s into weird stuff, but nothing this weird,” Judy remarked, brushing her pink hair from her face and letting it rest behind her shoulders once more.

    “I’m sure he’ll love it when he finds out about what it truly is. This - this is King Kasamy’s mask.” The old man said, seemingly giddily.

    “Who is ‘King Kasamy’? Some kind of ruler?” The old man stared at Judy, puzzled by her stupidity.

    “... Yes. He was one of the worst kings to rule the deserts where Shorefield Landing resides. This mask was hand carved by him seven years before his death - during a time when he was slowly losing his sanity.”

    “Oh, no. I said cheap. When I said cheap I meant it.” Judy remarked, her tone becoming more demanding and less ignorant. The old man continued to smile.

    “I’ll sell this artifact to you for one hundred dollars…” Judy perked up then.

    “That’s one deal too good to be true for some ancient artifact worth its weight in gold.”

    “I will only under one condition however, you must wear King Kasamy’s mask yourself before you leave back home. You’re clearly a tourist by the way, your manner and appearance give it away. Only then will you truly have earned the mask!”

    Judy shrugged, this was a great deal. However, Judy did see something very strange to the old man’s request, the fact that he was even having her do this in the first place. Judy never lied - she could never tell the old man she would wear the mask, but then never would.

    “Sure! You have a deal! Think of it as your dying wish!” She said, letting the last part slip out by accident.

    The old man scowled at her as she handed him the money. He slid her the mask across the counter. She picked it up, thanked him, and walked out, tripping on a chair as she left, putting the mask into her pink purse.

    She left the bazaar, walking out to the street, and called in a taxi. She waited about 15 minutes on a stone bench, observing the fine details within the mask, it intrigued her greatly. It was so plain and simple - but Judy found it as beautiful, and just knew that her boyfriend would love the present she would give to him.

    The taxi pulled up beside her and she stepped into the backseat slowly.

    “Where do you go?” The man asked, putting his arm over the passenger side headrest. The broken English upset Judy a bit, she was a bit of a xenophobe.

    “My hotel, the Twelve Palms Resort. Wait there for me, I’ll be right in and out with my bags.” She replied.

    “Yes, yes, we go now.” The man said, nodding. He flicked on his dashboard GPS and entered the address.

    With that, they were off to the Twelve Palms. Judy stared from her window back to the mask constantly. She became oddly entranced by it, as if she were under some form of spell. She didn’t want it to leave her sight - and she would do anything to make sure it would get home safely. Her intent was to still give it to her boyfriend, but she wanted this time with it to herself, not with the cab driver and his blaring music of the sands.

    Soon enough, they pulled up to the oceanside resort’s drop off area, where Judy got out, still holding the door open.

    Through the open door she stated, “You wait here for me, then we need to go to the airport.”

    “Yes, yes. I got you, lady.” He replied, still having his music turned seemingly up to the highest volume. She slammed the door, and it seemed to make no difference in the music seeping out from the car. The man started to play on his smartphone and Judy simply groaned.

    She held the mask in her right hand and walked into the hotel out of the heat, air conditioning blowing her pink hair a bit back. The hotel staff at the front desk eyed her strangely, seeing her carrying the mask. She eyed them back, believing they were staring at her pink clothing, she blew them a little mock kiss.

    “Ow! Watch it!” Came another voice, that of an older gentleman, as Judy felt herself slam against something soft, knocking it over. She turned to see a thin, middle aged man wearing archaeologist clothes on the marble floor of the hotel lobby. Judy kept her composure however, and was not knocked to the hotel floor.

    “Oops, sorry sir.” Judy remarked, putting her free hand down to offer to help him back up. He seemed a bit dazed, staring at the mask Judy held. He cocked his head a bit, then his eyes widened. He stood up quickly, as if jumping, which made Judy recoil just a bit, holding the mask tight to her chest.

    “I need to have that mask!” He shouted, pulling a wallet from the back pocket of his brown slacks.

    “Not for sale, it’s for my lovely boyfriend.” She replied. The man didn’t take any notice. He went through his wallet, checking his bills, then he just pulled every single bill from his wallet and stuck it in Judy’s face. The stack of money was huge, but Judy had no reaction to it.

    “It’s at least ten grand, take it!” He shouted.

    “No, it’s for my boyfriend.” She said again. It wasn’t even for the boyfriend at this point, she felt it was more for her sake than his.

    “You don’t understand, that mask may contain the secrets of King Kasamy’s life story!”

    “Sorry, sir.” She stated blankly, starting to walk away, still clutching the mask to her chest.

    “Not so fast.” He said, grabbing her arm.

    “You WILL give me that mask!” He remarked blankly. Judy pulled away, shaking her head.

    “Get away you creep!” She shouted.

    “No! Professor Watts never gives up!” He shouted back. The hotel staff were staring at the spectacle, when suddenly, the man, Professor Watts, gripped the top half of the mask.

    “Get off of it!” Judy screamed, the hotel staff doing nothing to help as she held the bottom half.

    Watts pulled on the mask, hard, but Judy wasn’t giving in to his demands, she pulled back, having a remarkable amount of strength. They engaged in this tug of war for a few minutes, until Watts had what he believed to be a good idea - he would cease pulling, entirely, sending Judy flying backwards, and the mask would be his.

    Watts stopped pulling on the mask right after getting a hard tug in, making Judy pull even harder - but something he didn’t account for happened - Judy was sent flying back, sure, but the held the mask with her remaining strength, and falling onto the floor the mask was placed onto her face. Watts cussed under his breath, seeing the motionless Judy on the ground, holding the mask onto her face. He turned around to leave, but as he turned to the doors to bolt he heard a loud screaming coming from directly behind him. It was Judy.

    Judy screamed at the top of her lungs as the mask clung to her face, feeling a sharp and deep burning sensation taking over her face entirely. The mask seemed to replicate her face, it morphed and changed to meet her facial features, but didn’t change color at all, and the mouth kept the same blank expression upon it, even through her screams. Watts stared at her in surprise and fear, quickly shoving the money and wallet he had dropped to the floor in his pocket and made a mad dash outside, taking Judy’s taxi. The driver didn’t care enough to wait for Judy, he just left to where Watts told him to go.

    Judy continued to scream as she began to stand, trying to pry the mask off of her face. “Somebody help me!” She shrieked. A bellhop looked over to see Judy struggling, he dropped the bags he carried for a nearby couple and ran over to her.

    “Hold still!” He shouted, as he yanked on the mask. Pulling on it only made Judy’s pain greater. He continued to pull, and soon enough the mask came off of her, sending the part-time teenager flying to the ground square on his rear.

    Gasps came from the onlookers, even the bellhop, who scrambled away frantically, staring at Judy with an expression of intense fear, throwing the mask to the floor.

    “Wh-what?” Judy asked, the pain completely gone from her face.

    “What’s wrong?” She asked after she received no response from the dozen or so people looking on at her with looks of sheer terror, frozen in place. The picked up the mask quickly, turning around and speed walking towards a mirrored side table of a lobby couch where a woman sat. She shifted away uncomfortably once Judy approached, to the other side of the couch, glaring at her painfully. Judy then looked into the mirror upon the wood.

    “Wh-what? No… What? What? How? Um… No. No. No. No! NO!! NO!!! NO!!!!” Judy screamed as she stared into an unfamiliar face. Where the mask was upon her face had turned her skin a shade black - one shade - with no blemishes upon the skin and no markings at all, as if her entire face was covered in a thick coating of black makeup. The eyes and mouth were what really seemed to stick out to Judy though, she barely noticed her almost tar black skin, she noticed her eyes were huge, red, totally circular, except for having a small “tear” coming from the lower part of each eye, and of course having a small, pitch black pupil from within the giant eyes. Her mouth also stuck out to her very, very wrongly, it seemed as if it were pushed farther up her head, as it was just a bit intersecting with the lower line of her eyes, and had a giant overbite. The mouth was small, and she noticed that she didn’t really have a nose. It was as if a new mask were covering her face, but as she felt it she concluded that it was stuck on there.

    She began to shake, and she stared at the mask, which now possessed her face, while she possessed the face of another thing - something she didn’t know about. She stared at the mask with anguish, throwing it to the floor out of rage, and continued to feel her face in the mirror. As her hands touched the face - she felt her fingers begin to morph into eachother, leaving her with three fingers which all seemed to curve inwards on her hands in a natural state. The fingers also turned the same shade of black as her face, which was spreading quickly over her arms. Her hands became smaller as well, and as the hands became smaller and were totally covered in darkness the shade began to spread up her arms, leaving them thinner as well. When the arms were done turning black, she noticed she was shrinking a bit in the mirror, and her arms were shrinking with her.

    “WHAT IS THIS?!” Judy screamed, louder than she had ever screamed before. Suddenly, Judy dropped onto the floor, feeling her legs morphing into one individual part. She felt her legs shrinking as they pulled closer together and morphed into one single black entity, the same shade as the rest of her body now. She also felt as the “leg” shifted towards the rear area. When she saw it she gasped, as it wasn’t even a leg, but a hook-like appendage, a thin, black and wispy hook with the hooked piece at the end of it.

    Judy cringed at the sight of the changes, and then peered to her arms. She felt herself lifting off of the floor - she was levitating. She was able to see in the mirror again. Yes - she was much, much smaller, but she noticed her pink hair was turning the same ghostly shade of black as the rest of her being, and it began retracting back into her head. She felt as her body became seemingly empty as her head took over - arms and hook connecting to her head as her body disintegrated and disappeared in mid air. The onlookers screamed as they watched the sight - panicking over the spectacle. Her hair shrunk into an appendage which looked much like her mouth - with a ledge, which extended down to the front of her face. She also noticed the smaller tail than the hook sprouting from her backside, like a smaller version of the mouth and hair-like appendage which was now apart of her head.. She could see her entire body in the mirror. She felt almost empty - hollow - and watched in horror as her face - now the great majority of her body - becoming very slender, as she felt her eyes moving to the sides of her head, right above her tendril-arms. The transformation was complete - Judy, the girl who loved the color pink and enjoyed her life with her boyfriend, was now officially dead, in both a metaphorical and literal sense, she was a Yamask.

    Her entire body was shaking as she turned around to see the onlookers, who all stood dumbfounded and wide-mouthed.

    “What? WHAT ARE YOU ALL LOOKING AT?” She tried to shout out of anger, but all that came out of her small mouth was “Yam? YAMASK YAM?” She looked at her hands, her totally smooth and curved hands. Then, she turned to the mask. She felt extremely close to it - it was her only proof of humanity anyways. She hovered shakily lower to the floor, picking it up with her long arms, and stared into what were once her eyes, but without the pupils. She gazed to the pink outfit she had worn strewn about the ground, no longer fitting, but couldn't stop looking at the mask. She began to cry, feeling the face, wishing she had never purchased the cursed mask, and cursed Professor Watts.

    “I - I hope...” She stuttered in her Poke-speak through the tears.

    “I hope he will still love me like this…”


    Deputy Yancey, a cop from the town of Marshall, stood at the gate to the airport where the flight from the Shorefield Landing International airport would soon be coming in. He held a sign which read, “Pinky”, which had been a long running nickname of his girlfriend’s, ever since she had dyed her hair pink back in elementary school, and kept it that way since.

    The plane landed and the passengers disembarked, as Yancey waited for his sweet, his love. It was their anniversary after all, and Yancey had a gift for her, an engagement ring.

    Yancey never saw the girl he knew and loved at the gate.

    Little did Yancey know that after everybody had disembarked the plane, his girlfriend had come off of that plane as a stowaway in an overhead compartment without any noticement - and she was too embarrassed and fearful to approach him, leaving Deputy Yancey to go home in a depressed state - holding a secret, crying, ghostly passenger in his trunk. Yancey had assumed something in the back of his SUV was broken, but it was actually the very girl he was supposed to propose to that day.
King Kasamy's Mask (Yamask tf)
This one is a bit of a sad tf, and it's kinda hard to conceptualize a Yamask transformation into words. But hey, I mainly only did this because my DA name literally has Yamask in it (I am the One True Yamask after all :D (Big Grin)), and I like the Pokemon. Hopefully the next tf story I write won't be so hard to write for the tf portion!

    (This is a sequel to my first story, The Last Day of Camp, while it's not necessary that you read the other story, I would recommend it strongly so that you can understand the characters better. If anything this will spoil the other one. Anyways, I hope you like it, and remember to leave a comment!)

    It was evening over Lake Marsh, the sun glimmering through the trees giving a purple and orange hue to the sky which reflected off of the murky waters of the green lake.

    The town of Marshall was a couple minutes drive from the lake, and the sleepy little town with a population of a tad more than 200 people had recently lost a major piece of joy and happiness, the Lake Marsh Summer Camp.

    The camp faced scrutiny following the disappearance of a camp counselor which lost the camp a lot of business, putting it out of commission eventually. The counselor was a student from the Ridgeway Pokemon Academy who had been working at the camp for a community service project. Most just assumed he had taken out a canoe one morning and drowned in the depths of the water, but others believed that someone else was involved in the disappearance, however the then teenager, now man, who was put on trial was let off because the court didn't have sufficient evidence against him, this young man would be the one to buy the old camp and make it into a brand new entity - furthering suspicions from the townsfolk.

    Marshall didn't have permissions to grant the contracting of new buildings in the town boundaries, but old sites could be turned into brand new places of residence, work, or recreation. The rich young man named Jim did just that, he bought the camp and turned it into a clinic designed for Pokemon, becoming the town’s very first Pokemon doctor in almost a decade. The only catch to the clinic was that trainers would have to pay for their Pokemon to be healed, and wild Pokemon were mostly left fending for themselves, as Jim himself believed charity was the practice of moochers and thieves.

    The clinic was the first of its kind in the area, simply being a clinic in general - a place of healing for Pokemon besides the Marshall Poke-Spa. Jim was one of the best in the business of the city. Actually, make that the fact that he was the only one practicing in the business in the city.

    However, that evening at the clinic was a little slow, it had been exactly four years since the disappearance of that counselor and many residents had decided not to leave their homes, as it had almost become tradition to stay inside the evening before the teenager’s disappearance and the morning of, primarily as a sign of respect towards the believed deceased. Even trainers at this point knew that Marshall was no place to be that night - and hunkered down in the local motel, known as the Leslie Flats Inn, which offered free service to trainers - unlike Jim.

    Jim sprayed the super potion he held on an injured Squirtle, its trainer, a kid with a dopey backwards hat and dark red hair, leaned over looking at the small table as well.

    “How could you even let these injuries happen?” Jim asked, staring at the very injured Squirtle and feeling ashamed of its abuse.

    “It fought… something. Look I don’t know. It fought something and it lost, I didn’t see what it fought though.”

    “Real descriptive, kid.” Jim replied, overall disappointed in the description, as he had only received awful descriptions of the creature which had recently been attacking Pokemon blindly. It always seemed to around this time of year. He sighed, handing the Pokemon back to the kid.

    “For now that’s all I can do, just give it some rest. Oh, and that’ll be 100 dollars.”

    “100 dollars? I thought this was a Pokemon center!” The kid’s bratty voice emanating throughout the small operating room.

    “Pokemon Clinic, kid. We’re not officially certified by the Pokemon league, so frankly I can charge you however much I want.”

    “I don’t have that kind of money, though…” The kid replied, tearing up a bit as he held his knocked out Squirtle.

    “Look, I’m not a charity case, now hand over the money.”

    The kid was obviously becoming more and more agitated by Jim’s demands. He was a mixture of sad and angry. Saddened by the greed of the Pokemon doctor, and angry over the fact that Jim wasn’t going to back down.

    Jim walked in front of the door to the hallway, crossing his arms and holding his hand out for the crisp bills he wanted from the kid so much.

    “Just pay me you little mooch…” Jim thought to himself, motioning for the kid to pay him. He simply held his Squirtle in his arms. The kid of about 11 years old wouldn’t budge.

    “I’ve got all day pal.” Jim remarked, having nowhere to go and nothing to do, as it was about 7:30 PM on the least active day of the year in the town for three years now.

    The kid looked at Jim and rolled his eyes. He took his backpack off of his back, kneeling to the floor, and felt around for his wallet. Jim grinned a tiny bit, but tried to conceal his joy of payday, he was happy that he would be getting his money. Jim enjoyed the money he received, the smell, the feel, even the taste, but he did have the job of a professional to do after all.

    “Here’s your blood money.” The trainer shouted, throwing his whole wallet at Jim and shoved him aside, walking out of the room and out of the clinic. Jim took anything he could out of the wallet. It contained a few crisp bills and a rewards card to some chain restaurant named Goodies Cafe, where the kid had gotten a free burger from his purchases. Jim counted the bills, realizing he had been paid less than he asked for.

    “Are you serious? Ten dollars? What a rip off! It costed me more than that to buy the super potion! The wallet is worth more than this!”

    Jim threw the wallet at the wall violently, stomping on the ground. He kicked the operating table, which led to a dent in the cold, metal leg of the table.

    “Maria!” He yelled. Maria was Jim’s assistant, she was used to his fits of rage and would be able to calm him down. Maria had been a counselor at the camp when Jim was a counselor there as well, which was when the other counselor went missing. She was irked that her boss had her working that day, as she didn’t want to disrespect the dead.

    “Yes boss?” Came Maria’s voice from the tiny lobby which only held a couple of metal folding chairs.

    “I need my anger suppression!”

    “Right away sir!”

    Jim heard Maria’s chair screech against the tiled floor of the lobby as he kicked the wall, leaving a sizable hole.

    “Nobody scams the richest, and dare I say it, handsomest, young man in town! Nobody!”

    Jim walked over to the counter where he kept medical supplies and picked up an older telephone, a corded phone. He dialed a familiar number in his business of paid healthcare for those who couldn’t or didn’t want to pay.

    “This is Marshall’s Sheriff’s Office, I’m Deputy Yancey, what can I do today sir or ma’am?”

    “Yeah, Yancey, it’s Jim.” He remarked, scratching his head of thinning hair. Maria walked in with a bottle of soda, placing it gently onto the counter as to not disturb their conversation. He nodded to her and she left back to the lobby. Jim took a large swig from his bottle of cola.

    “Yeah, Jim? Another robbery? Another ‘con artist’?” His deep authoritarian voice seemed to resonate in Jim’s mind. The deputy had just insulted him, his sarcasm was obvious, and he knew that well.

    “You making fun of me, boy?”

    “One, we’re the same age, two, maybe if you didn’t charge people to get their Pokemon healed then you wouldn't be dealing with this issue. Oh, and yes, I am making fun of you.” Yancey hung up on him. The two had been friends since they met at camp when they attended it all those years ago, but recently Yancey saw Jim as a different person than that kid who he loved growing up. He had become greedy since opening the clinic, the Yancey disliked him for that.

    Jim inhaled, taking a large swig from his bottle, and sighed. He looked to the hole in the wall, and then to the telephone he still held, hearing the dial tone. He dropped the phone onto the holder lazily, leaving it askew in its place. Jim looked into the mirrored cabinet he had on the wall for minor emergencies, feeling his thinning hair and observing his bloodshot eyes.

    “Maybe I should have let Evan take this job… Maybe I shouldn’t have done what I did to him… Geeze… This job is tearing me apart completely. Stress, long hours, and only cheats come in here. Rent on this place isn’t cheap.”

    That was the counselor’s name - Evan. The name around Marshall was almost forgotten, but one man remembered, and it was him who caused Evan’s disappearance in the first place. He claimed it was because Evan had drowned in the lake while out in a Xatu marked canoe. Many questioned his story, some even going so far to say that Jim had drowned Evan in a complex attempt to close the camp and open his own clinic in its stead.

    As if out of nowhere, Jim started to hear the pitter patter of rain outside, and looked out the window to see the night sky rolling in and droplets of rain falling to the window. Jim stared into the droplets, watching them soar down the window. Slowly the rain picked up, more and more. He saw thunder in the distance, striking the lake itself, and sending a shockwave throughout the chunk of the lake it struck.

    “Where did all this rain come from? It was cloudless only an hour ago.” Jim asked himself, scratching his head. He shrugged from the formation of the clouds, chalking it up to some sort of freak weather pattern, and felt a cold gust of wind bust through his window. It was a sliver open. Jim shrugged once again and shut it. And as if in response, he heard another opening, this one came from the front door to the center.

    “Hmm, maybe Yancey caught that kid?” Jim said, unsure of himself, especially considering it had only been a few minutes since his conversation.

    Jim heard frantic yelling from the lobby, but he couldn’t make it out. He opened the operation room door and walked into the hall. The yelling got louder as he opened the door to the lobby. There he saw Maria sitting in the desk, brushing her golden hair, as a frantic kid was yelling about a Pokemon that he had with him.

    The Pokemon was massive, it was huge, blue with a white belly, two large head fins, and a giant tail fin. It held its flat fingers atop its belly as it seemed to be knocked out. It was a Swampert, and it was pretty banged up. Jim found it kinda funny as the kid had the Swampert in a red wagon, but he was surprised that he could pull the thing’s huge weight. The kid turned to Jim as Maria began to fake type on the keyboard.

    “Excuhse me, suh! I found this Swampuht washed up on thuh duht outside of thuh clinic.”

    The kid’s voice made Jim want to groan, he sounded and looked about 4. Jim couldn’t stand little kids, and this one sure wasn’t the exception to that fact with his clear accent.

    “And?” Jim asked, puzzled as to why he would care.

    “And... yuh should help et!” The kid responded, his red overalls with a Wurmple stitched in the middle of the two buttons detracting from his seriousness. Jim laughed a tad.

    “I’m not a charity case, kid. I work for cash, how much you got on you?”

    The question seemed to confuse the child, as if he was baffled that someone would ask for money to pay for the healing of an innocent creature. The little boy clearly wasn’t exposed to the reality of his world - that the planet breeds greed, selfishness, and ruin.

    “I - I ‘ave ten dolluhs mah mum gave meh to buy some flowas for mah sick da.”

    Maria looked from her computer to stare at the boy sadly, then looked to Jim, shaking her head. Jim looked back, shaking his head in response and placed a firm smirk onto his face.

    “I’ll take i-”

    “Oh come on Jim! This is terrible!” Maria suddenly blurted out, standing up from her chair.

    “What’s terrible?”

    “You’re taking from a little kid with a harshly injured Pokemon and a sick dad! It needs help! Now! So stop being such a greedy piece of human garbage and help it for free!”

    Jim thought for a moment, muttering two words to Maria, “You’re fired,” before he grabbed the wagon and started pulling it back to the operating room.

    He shut the door behind him, on a baffled Maria and a confused little boy. The rain still pattered outside of the white walls of the clinic. He pulled the Swampert into the operating room, it was really heavy, too heavy for Jim’s slender frame to handle without strife.

    “Geeze how did that kid get this thing here so easily?” He thought to himself - a puzzling question indeed. But he didn’t dwell too much on it.

    Jim picked up the heavy Pokemon which weighed almost 200 pounds. He lifted it with both arms up to the table, where he gasped as he put it down.

    “This thing is a sack of bricks!” Jim said to himself, jokingly. Usually his assistant would be with him for his more serious operations. But he had just fired Maria. He tried to not think about it, as he genuinely believed this would be best for him.

    “Now, let’s get a look at you…” He murmured, grabbing a small flashlight and opening the Swampert’s right eye, then taking its heart rate. The BPM were slower than a normal Swampert should have - but Jim knew this fact wouldn’t be much of an issue, as it had fainted, and of course a Pokemon’s beats per minute would be shorter if it were out cold.

    Jim continued to do various tests before applying medical ointment and bandages to the words and bruises suffered by the poor creature. The procedure all in all took about a half hour - a half hour of rain and sadness. Jim sighed, looking at the heavily bandaged Swampert with a grim expression. He knew that it would live, but seeing a Swampert made him think of a certain teenager who he hasn’t gone a day without thinking about - the counselor - the city boy who was known as Evan.

    Suddenly, the Swampert’s eyes shot open, glaring at the face above it. It slowly rose its hands to rub its eyes, then stared into Jim’s eyes with its mouth wide open.

    “You’re awake! Great!” Jim said, a fake sense of relief in his voice. He didn’t really care. The Swampert held the same expression on its face, before reading the sign which read “Operation Room”. The Swampert’s gaze of shock turned into one of stupidity. Then, from confusion and stupidity its expression changed into one of pure rage and hatred, geared towards Jim.

    Jim was quick to take notice at the Swampert’s obvious hostility. He tried to bolt for the door, but when he tried to open it Jim was meant with the jiggle of the lock - something was barring him from the other side.

    “Is this some kind of joke?” He yelled, terrified. Jim looked down to see a note. It had Maria’s handwriting on it.

    “Screw you!” It read.

    “Oh lord what have I done...” Jim asked, insanely afraid of what was to come.

    The Swampert hopped off of the table and began to growl at Jim. He then ran for the phone, picking it up and putting it to his ear. He dialed the sheriff’s office again.

    “This is Marshall’s Sheriff’s Office, I’m Deputy Ya - “

    “Cram it, Yancey! Get over here and help me! Now!”

    “Hasn’t your mom ever taught you interrupting people is rude?” And with that, Yancey hung up on Jim. He screamed from rage and threw the phone at the Swampert, which hopped out of the way quickly. He just agitated it even more.

    “I just saved you! Leave me alone!” Jim said as he began to cry, sinking to the floor. Snot bubbled out of his nose a bit. The Swampert seemed to laugh at his fear. It could taste it. It could feel it.

    Suddenly, the Swampert lunged at Jim, biting him square on the shoulder, but quickly let go. Jim shrieked in pain like a little girl, and out of pain he jumped back up to his feet.

    “Augh! Why does it hurt so mu - “ He paused mid sentence when he started to feel dizzy and nauseous. Once again, Jim began to slink back to the floor, the Swampert giving him a menacing grin, pointing from his eye to Jim’s.

    “Eye for an… eye?” Jim asked, his words slurred. The Swampert merely tapping its nose twice with one of its flat fingers.

    As suddenly as being bitten by the Swampert, Jim began to feel an odd feeling creeping around his shoulder, which seemed to spread to his left hand first. He noticed fingers merging together to form only three fingers, all opposable. His breathing became more heavy as he noticed his nails were gone on his fingers, to which he pulled up his sleeve to see his slender arm being even more slender than it was previously. He also noticed a greenish hue to the arm, which was turning more and more green, soon a lightish green, but still sort of dark. It was medium hued skin. He began to breath more heavily at the sight. He looked at his other hand and arm to see the exact same situation happening there as well.

    Next up was the feet, Jim took off his brown loafers to shockingly see his feet morphing and changing into three toed feet without nails - just like his hands only with his feet. The feet also seemed to be growing bigger - or perhaps it was just that Jim was growing smaller every second he felt the pain from that bite penetrating his very being. His legs turned into thinner legs like his arms - and became more stubby in the process. His toes were large compared with his feet, and he noticed his fingers had the same case with his hands, a rather large comparison. Jim then noticed that same green hue changing his feet and thin, stubbier legs as well. Greener and greener - until his arms and legs were matching down to the number in their color.

    Then, Jim began to feel a penetrating burst of pain coming from his head, and he felt his thinning hair thinning even further, eventually becoming nothing more than scraps of hair on the ground.

    “My beauty! My hair!” Jim shouted, feeling his voice was harder to push out in that manner, the manner of English, and noticed that his voice’s tone was higher than it was earlier. He covered his mouth with the green hands, when suddenly he felt something push out above his mouth. It was over as fast as it began - and when he grabbed it and felt it he realized that that was a nose - something to replace his old one. The new one was smooth, but was a large spherical growth which two nostrils out in the front of it. Out of nowhere another growth came, two different growths on both sides of his cranium, this time straining his eyes upward and out, he felt as two bumps pushed his head upward, creating a much more smooth face in the process. He knew that his eyes were also much bigger, and could see differently. He felt his mouth expanding to fit the new nose, which fit upon his neck, and a new tongue to fit the mouth.

    Jim stared at the Swampert, which gave him a grin, showing him his reflection in a mirror, which revealed a red belly moving from his mouth downward, and the face and appearance of a Treecko, but he had no tail, and his clothes obviously weren’t fitting anymore, his pants even fell down then. His eyes were massive, yellow, and held a black slit in place of his old pupils. He took the shirt off to see the same red belly moving downward. He also felt his vocal cords adjusting and changing - making the English language one he would only be able to understand with massive strife. Well, understand it a poor choice of words, speak is a better word to use in this case. Jim also saw a lack of ears, and a small green body other than the red belly which was very prominent, which moved from where he noticed now was the from the bottom of his oddly shaped mouth down to his - genitals, which had totally disappeared. He was still a guy, just a guy Pokemon - which meant for him no visible markings to represent his gender in this particular case, as some Pokemon are able to be told by differentiating appearances that they have different genders, not Treecko however. He also noticed the pouch like marking stemming from near the bottom of his red and sort of fat belly.

    From left field the stunned and shocked Jim felt a large protrusion exit from his rear end, as he muttered to himself, “Tree - It’s… cloud - Treecko!” He covered his mouth with his hands and blushed with cheri berry red cheeks, looking to his new tail - darker green than the rest of his body, and had two parts of it. A Treecko uses the tail to sense weather patterns - which Jim now had the ability to do. He felt the final parts of his change coming on - his insides shifted and changed to meet that of a bipedal Pokemon, his insides moving and changing size and shape to fit his new small, reptilian frame with ease and without causing discomfort. The transformation was completed then, the new Treecko stood up onto his two feet with relative ease.

    “Tree - Co?!” Jim shouted, shutting his mouth quickly again. He understood what he had said and so did the Swampert, he was just taken aback by the revelation of discovering his new voice and that he had no idea how to speak a lick of English now.

    “What have you done to me?!” He had shouted.

    “Swampert, Swamp - Pert…” Jim heard in response, but he knew what it had meant.

    “Oh, oh, Jim. My buddy Jim. I’m only doing what you did to me… Eye for an eye, remember?” The Swampert remarked, carrying a familiar aura with the tone and diction in his deep voice.

    He knew it was the bite - the bite from something which wasn’t natural, a non-normal Pokemon. One which perhaps wasn’t always a Pokemon, one like Evan, the counselor who had disappeared all that time ago.

    Jim thought a moment, looking into the Swampert’s eyes and whispering in blatant shock, “City slicker?”


    “Bloody idiot… He can’t fire me… I run his joint... Gah! Oh well!” Maria angrily murmured as she walked down the nighttime street. Clouds hung overhead as she stepped inside of her home.

    “Moron deserved to get locked in his room for the night… Whatever happened to him, I’m glad it happened without me there! Moron can’t properly do a fix-up without his star assistant!” Maria yelled into her empty and tiny home.

    “I hope that big lug Swampert bites him!”
An Unfriendly Reunion (Treecko tf)
Ugh! Six and a half hours straight of binge-writing and editing! I hope the sequel is as good as the original. Let me know what you think in the comments, I'm glad to see any feedback be it good or bad.
(Please note that this is my first tf story submitted to DeviantArt, please leave any comments or critiques to the story or my writing to help me improve and better any future works.)

    Evan yawned in his groggy state, stretching his arms wide and putting his back up in his bed. He rubbed his eyes and looked out his window next to the bed to see the orange sun rising up over Lake Marsh, its green waters glistening and free of human activity completely.

    He looked around the little bunkhouse to see his fellow counselors were still fast asleep in their cot-like beds. Stepping out of his own, Evan put on the muddy sandals he kept under his bed and opened the door, sneaking out while still wearing his sleeping shorts and white t-shirt.

    He heard the aviary Pokemon chirping away and buzzing bug types. Evan felt a sense of sorrow as he walked on the dirt trail down towards Lake Marsh. It was his last day at the camp, and Evan wasn't looking forward at all to going back to his patrat race at his Pokemon Academy in the big city. Nobody was outside, as it was barely the crack of dawn, but Evan didn't care, he just wanted to admire nature even if that meant be alone on his little walk.

    Evan viewed the towering trees around him and wanted to be around the scenery forever, but he knew that a house up in this area would cost him a fortune, and a Pokemon doctor, what he was in training for, wouldn't pay out nearly as much as he needed it to for him to maintain the housing costs. For a time Evan entertained the idea of opening up his own Pokemon center by the beauty of the lake - but that dream faded as he was told that there was no need for a doctor up in the area by another counselor, a local named Jim who was in his late teens - much like Evan.

    Evan walked up to the water’s edge and knelt down in the dirt, grabbing a small, flat stone and skipping it across the green water. His brown hair was blown a little bit back as he felt a slight gust of wind, and the stone skipped back to him a bit too.

    “Why can't I just stay up here?” Evan muttered to himself, his deep voice echoing through his mind.

    He had grown up so much since his last stint at Camp Marsh. He was at one time a camper, but, now in his late teens, he came up as a camp counselor for the week for a community service project at his academy. He remembered his days as a child, playing with the Pokemon and swimming in the water, carefree. Now he was swamped with exams, boredom, and a feeling of ever present sadness. He never got to have his own Pokemon, but taking care of others gave him feelings of joy, even if it was short lived. He sighed, grabbing another flat stone, and tossing it across the water again. He shrugged and stared at the hills surrounding the large lake, seeing a motorboat soar through the lake and a careless wakeboarder holding onto a rope, tossing a bottle she held into the water.

    “People like them are ruining nature. Why can't they just find some other place to ruin? Why Lake Marsh? Can't they see they're distributing the lake’s fragile ecosystem?” Evan asked, skipping another rock through the water. He looked towards the cabins further up the hill then, seeing nobody out still. He then looked to his right to see the canoes the campers used pulled up onto the dirt beach. He looked to where the woman had thrown the bottle and sighed. He walked towards the canoes. One, painted with the style of a Xatu’s body markings, still held a wooden paddle within it. He looked at the dumpsite again, cursing under his breath. He pushed the small canoe out into the water a bit, hopping in as it began to sail.

    Picking up his paddle, Evan began to row towards the bottle. He was so fed up with people destroying the lake he had come so much to adore in his time there. The rippled from the boat’s speed hit the canoe, rocking him a bit, but it was nothing to worry about. Evan then saw the bottle ahead of him, floating on the surface of the glassy green water. He continued to row his canoe gently, trying not to disturb any peace for any underwater Pokemon, even though the boat would have already done that for him.

    He rowed up to the bottle, leaned over the side, and grabbed it, tossing it into his canoe. It fell to the bottom with a clunking noise, and Evan continued to stare into a face in the water. He stared not at his own reflection, but that of a water dwelling Pokemon. He looked at his hands, nothing was different there, but he continued to look at the creature looking back at him. He put an arm into the water to feel it to see if it was real, and sure enough, he felt the soft and sort of slimy skin of the Pokemon. Evan felt stupid that he had thought anything extraordinary had happened to him in his dull and mundane life. It looked at him with a sort of a dopey smile, poking its head out of the water.

    “Awww, you're such a little cutie!” Evan said giddily.

    The little blue Pokemon with its orange spiked cheeks tilted its head, saying in a very light and high pitched tone, “Mud?”

    “You are so adorable! I want to take you home with me!” He said, reaching down into the water and grabbing the Pokemon.

    It squirmed in his hands, but he held it tight to his chest, nuzzling the struggling Pokemon’s cheek against his own. The Pokemon got an arm free and sent Evan’s glasses fly into the water where the gfloated, having a hollow interior. He was almost blind now, and felt around for where the glasses may have fallen, and loosening his grip upon the little Pokemon.

    He grabbed his glasses in the water and loosened his grip on the frightened Pokemon even more. As he put his glasses on he felt a sharp tinge of pain on his nose, and a warmth upon it. Evan saw the beady eyes of the creature and a head fin up in his face, as it had his nose in its mouth. It had bit Evan right on the nose, he realized it as the little Pokemon jumped onto the other side of the canoe, growling at Evan defensively.

    Suddenly, Evan felt a tingling sensation upon the impact zone of the Pokemon’s mouth, and the tingling feeling suddenly turned into pain. Evan yelled in agony as he felt his nose, which seemed to shrink back into his face, leaving him with two small nostrils and nothing more, which left nothing to hold his glasses up on their own. Evan grabbed the glasses with one hand and felt his new nose with the other. It was totally smooth besides the two small holes. He looked at the Pokemon, which looked pretty surprised. It looked at Evan with its mouth wide open in Shock. As Evan continued to feel his nose and held his glasses he felt his hands becoming more stubby, and shrank down. His glasses fell to the ground and he stared at the nubs on his hands - the same thing happened with his feet, they grew stubby in size and smaller as well. He felt a bit of pain from the changing arms and legs, which he saw as having three little toes on each of the four appendages. From this noticement he also saw that his skin was turning a little bit blue, becoming a darker and darker shade of blue, just like his canoe companion. Evan fell to the floor of the canoe, but sat up against a side of it. The Pokemon still staring daggers into him.

    Evan felt like his clothes were fitting less and less, when he finally got out of his shirt he noticed that his belly up to his mouth, where it wasn't darker blue, it was a much lighter shade of blue. He had the same colors on him as his little buddy now! He felt sick to his stomach. Evan looked over the side of the canoe down at his reflection. He saw beady black eyes on his blue and light blue face (light blue under his mouth) as he witnessed the growths of orange sprouting from his cheeks - gills. The two round orange growths gained three spikes on each one, and his mouth stretched painfully to go up to both sides of the cheeks. His hair also began to fall out, and from that grew a head fin, a large blue one meant for sensing danger. His small stature fell down into the boat, as he had become too small to keep leaning over with still touching the bottom of the boat with his feet. His intestines and organs he felt moving and changing inside of him, like small Ekans wriggling within his body, and he wretched in response to the new discovery.

    The inside of his mouth he felt grew a tongue to match it as Evan realized he no longer had ears! He then felt a sharp pain coming from his spine. He heard cracks and pops coming from the spine as he fell onto his light blue belly. He tried to get up onto his two stubby feet, but he saw a light blue tail had grown out from his rear, preventing him from standing on two feet. He fell down again and his pants slipped off of him - revealing to him a totally smooth underside. He gagged at the fact that his manhood seemed to be gone like every other male Pokemon. His neck shrank to become almost nonexistent and he felt his vocal cords changing and altering. Even though he didn't try, Evan knew he wouldn't be able to speak English anymore, or at least not without countless hours to relearn it. He didn't forget it, he just didn't have proper adjusted vocal cords to do it anymore.

    It felt whatever had just happened was done, except that Evan realized he could see perfectly fine now without his glasses. He also saw that he looked almost exactly the same as the other Pokemon. It said at that time, “Mud? Mudkip?!” While Evan only heard its species name, he could understand what it had said!

    “Are you okay? What have I done to you?!”

    Evan stared in shock at his body. Replying with a “Mudkip…” he then blushed and slapped his tiny hands over his mouth.

    “This is so embarrassing…” Evan said, getting up onto his four legs with trouble.

    “Being a Mudkip is not embarrassing!” The other Pokemon shouted at Evan.

    “I'm a - Mudkip then!?” Evan shouted, falling back onto his belly again.

    “Duh. I have no idea how it happened though!”

    “Is it reversible?”

    “Don't know - but my mom has told me legends of humans turning into Pokemon, and she says that they don't turn back..”


    “It's okay! This lake here is beautiful! I'm sure you'll - love it! We can play together, and you can live here with all the other Pokemon and me! It'll be fun!” The Mudkip said, its confused gaze turning into a dumb smile.

    Evan sighed, tearing up a bit and burrowing his face into his arms on the dirty floor of the canoe. That's when he felt just how smooth he was on the floor, and hitting a patch of wetness on the floor when he fell made him realize he was a tiny bit slimy too. He felt disgusting and abnormal - which made sense considering he was a totally different being, though only a dozen minutes earlier he had called the other Mudkip cute.

    “No, no, no! Don't cry! What's your name?” The other Mudkip asked, looking slightly embarrassed.

    Evan was crying even harder now, his whimpers of sadness turning into bawling agony.

    “It-It’s Evan.” He said in between sniffles, rubbing his arm against his nostrils to clear some snot.

    “Not that that matters anymore - considering my life is over…” He continued.

    The other Mudkip looked at him with a grim expression on its face.

    “I’m Finn…” The other Mudkip stated, glaring towards the bottle on the floor of the camp canoe.

    The other Mudkip, Finn, seemed oddly transfixed on the bottle -  so was Evan, but he fought hard to control the strange emotions he felt towards it. Evan looked up, taking his face out of his paws, tears streaming from his beady eyes.

    He stared at the ground, turning his gaze upward, and angrily yelled out, “I don’t care who you are! You ruined my life, ‘Finn’! Ooohhh! Nice name! What? Your mommy and daddy pick it because of the fin you've got on your head? How clever! Bravo! Finn the life-mucker! Yeah! That’s a good way to put it!”

    The other Mudkip began to cry then Evan knew that his anger had overtaken him, he cooled down and began to feel a sense of sorrow and regret. He knew only now that he shouldn't have gone off like that.
    He sighed, swallowing his pride, remarking, “I’m sorry, Finn.”

    Finn sniffled and said, “No you aren't… I didn't mean to do what I did… I didn't expect this to happen… I was just defending myself…”

    “Look, I really am sorry. I have rapid mood swings sometimes. And I get it - defense is important, but it’s not like I was trying to hurt you.”

    “You were gripping me in your giant arms with all your might! I could barely breath!” Evan fell silent and didn't contest that last point. He opened his mouth to talk again, but couldn't think of a valid point. He should have been more. careful with the little fella, he knew that now.

    “I'm sorry for making you so afraid.”
    “I'm sorry for taking your life away.” The apologies seemed to hang in the air, as an awkward silence overcame the both of them. Evan began to tear up again and so did Finn.

    “I'm so sorry!” They both yelled in unison.

    Suddenly, the two Mudkip felt a large bump in the canoe - it had hit land. Evan peaked out with tears still on his face and saw that the two were on the opposing bank of the lake as the camp. The ground was all muddy on the other side of the lake, which surprised Evan quite a bit.

    Finn suddenly stated excitedly, “I want to introduce you to my friends!” Hopping right out of the canoe, oddly cheery after such an emotional event.

    “Well, I did say that I wanted to live at the lake forever, didn't I?” Evan thought to himself, following his new friend to meet many more.

    “I suppose I got my wish - even if this isn't the ideal circumstance..” He thought with a sigh. The two little Mudkip left the canoe, walking up the muddy bank to the trees surrounding the lake - leaving the bottle behind.

    So what had turned Evan into a Mudkip in the first place? Was it some kind of curse brought upon him by the lake? Could the lake have been giving him a gift for picking up litter? Was it just an ability of Finn’s? Was it the strange markings on the canoe and the ideal circumstances? Simply put, none of the above.


    Jim awoke with a gasp of air, his eyes darting around his cabin - the cabin where one bed was unoccupied. He laughed to himself for a moment, putting on some boots and walking outside quietly. He shut the door silently and jogged down to the bank of the lake by the canoe shed, noticing one canoe was gone. He scratched his head, looking at the other side of the lake and seeing a very distant canoe with specific markings of a Xatu and two tiny figures moving up to the trees.

    Jim grinned as he pulled up some pocket binoculars up to his eyes, looking through to view the dots. Through them he saw two Mudkip, one grinning and jumping through the mud, the other struggling to walk, tripping over its own two feet. Jim expelled a single hearty laugh from his large frame.

    “City boy finally met his fate.” His deep voice revealing a hint of joy.

    “Took the bait, his guilty city conscience disappointed that anybody would litter in something he never even sees. He would also be depressed over this being his last day up here, getting up early to see the lake, so predictable…”

     The two Mudkip went behind the trees and disappeared into the woods.

    “I knew he would go to get the bottle and I knew a Pokemon would show up too, I also knew Evan would pick it up and squeeze it, considering I saw how he handled that Popplio a few days ago. And duh a Mudkip would show, the bottle is sprayed with Mudkip pheromones after all…”

    Jim casually turned around and began walking back to his cabin, where one extra counselor had gone missing as of that day.

    “The bottle’s got a gas that expels overtime, like a scented candle expels it's stink with time, the gas allows for a Pokemon which bites a human to turn him or her into the same Pokemon in the radius of the gas’s influence.”

    Jim’s convoluted plan had worked, and he was ecstatic about it.

    “Now I'll be the one opening a Pokemon clinic up in these woods, not that city slicker…”
The Last Day of Camp (Mudkip tf)
My first attempt at writing something on DA! I hope everybody who reads this likes it! I sure had a pretty good time writing it, so why shouldn't people enjoy reading it?


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